This is Issac deep from India.. Greetings to you all in His Precious Name of our Saviour LORD.. I hope and we praying that you all are doing well, Also we believe that you all are remember you in Prayers..
Thank you so much for your prayers,Love and Support… It’s really a great things for us that , through your support we are able to reaching out many trible villages and many different places to sharing the Good news… As you know it’s a great challenging time for us ,but we Know one day we will overcome Amen and together worshipping the Lord… 
Harvest of Faith church members we always remember your Faithfulness and Dedication for His Kingdom work. Through your precious help or support we are still Providing food to many poor,needy or Homeless people and also gift some Bible and Bible tracks to non Believers People.. they are Thirty in His Precious word.. Appreciate your prayers that many new Souls are saved for Eternity kingdom Amen.. last week we received your offering and we will able to feed 560 meal,186 Groceries packet,40 Bible which is Kosli Language … Such a great and Wonderful  Harvesting time .. Because of this Covid Guidelines many work was stop, those are daily wage worker’s or Construction worker’s ,now days really a difficult Time to , bring some food for there Family.. but we thankful to God that He opens the door ,so we are standing with them.. Thanks to Harvest of Faith church for your great efforts,so we are able to stand with them.. 
Now days our church Believers and Team are following your church service. Because here still church are closed. So we are following your church service, it’s really a great Blessing for us .. we together worshipping with you and our team members are translate to our own language… When we are attending your church service many people are receiving His Blessings and we are more Closer to God.. also we really Thankful to our Sir Richard chambliss for His Dedication and Faithfulness for His Kingdom work.. we are sending our Love and Prayers … Keep praying that God will provide a Projector ,so our people can gather and attend your church service.. now we are using rented Computer to attend your church service… I believe and Praying that ,in this coming days many new Believers or Souls are saved for Eternity kingdom Amen .. keep praying that, through this mission work God will Glorified and a great revolution come to my Nation… God bless you all
Much Love and BlessingsIssac deep, India

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