One thought on “Break Through

  1. Brenda Brown

    Greetings faithful family in Christ Jesus! You have been on my heart ever since Larry and I moved to Cordova in 1990. Your posts are always the best, but this one stuck out for some reason, prompting me to get in touch.  Oh Pamela, how you stay so beautiful is beyond me! I find myself continually seeking the Holy Spirit to help me find so many things…Isn’t it wonderful that we will never suffer from dementia, for the Spirit will always find what we have hidden from ourselves! We finished 8 years of “mission work” in 2018. God called this “Abraham and Sara” to leave Mother and Father, sell our house, and go to a place we did not know. Larry quit his quite lucrative job of 29 years with full insurance, medical, 401K, and generous bonus, and we were off… Others thought we had gone off the deep end, and it was deep. Ha! God has brought Larry right back to the same company, on the lower rung of course, into a tiny little office with no windows…This week he was told to move right back into his original office! God is so good… We are in Germantown, TN, again. Praise God! Jameson is a rocket scientist in Houston, TX. He was working on the space shuttles for 8 years. He was invited into the space program, but his fiancée did not agree with it…neither did his mama! You may recall that I used to get songs from the Lord from a young girl till now.  This song I am sending is an old song the Lord gave me many years ago…somehow He managed to get me showcased in a bar on Beale St. on a Saturday night! I didn’t want to do it, but then I realized that Beale St. is probably where Jesus would be on Saturday nights.  I got to sing praise and worship at Silky O’Sullivan’s bar for over 30 minutes! Nobody booed. Nobody through a beer bottle. Nobody smoked a cigarette. They were quiet as a mouse. Someone asked me if I would do one more when the 30 min. were up… The song I am sending is why I went to the darkest spot in Memphis…He told me, “Brenda, feed the multitude “One in the Spirit; One in the Lord,

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