Baja Easter Note

What a gorgeous day it was! The air smells like spring and wildflowers popped up after last weeks rain. Its wild. I have lived a lot of places-Mississippi Texas Louisiana Kentucky San Francisco Los Angeles and in all of these places spring smells the same.
We just finished up our Resurrection Meeting. Poom! It was a good one!
We had 20 adults and 31 children make their way up here this morning. I taught on death’s sting being disarmed. Angels were in attendance in force! One angel was accompanying us as we ministered to was crazy. Every person who wanted received a gift. This angel in resplendent blue robes would stand right beside the person we were ministering to and hold up a velvety purple pouch and pull something out. People received keys, money and even a heart.
The angel would show it to me and as soon as I told the person that the lord wanted to give them keys or whatever the person would just BREAK. They were amazed and several were just baffled as to how i could have known but it was the angel not me. Two teenaged girls invited Jesus into their lives today and pretty much everyone came for prayer. Juanitas husband came for the 2nd time ever(this time last year he was in hospital dying). He really loves Frank. Juanita helped to minister to people for the first time today. The offering(oh the offering)contained 2 tiny cokes,pears,a table cloth, and.ASPARAGUS ASPARAGUS ASPARAGUS! My favorite veggie! Thank you Jesus!
We are celebrating Easter tomorrow at a church downtown who has been sending volunteers to help us out at the mission. They dont have much money but they are so generous with their time and strength.
We wish yall a wonderful celebration tomorrow……
Love chip/sd