Word For 2018

Word to the Body  Dec 24 2017


I saw an angel to my side dressed in white with a blue mantle upon him and great wings. He held a box in his hands. As I looked he opened the box a treasure box filled with substance. He was about to offer the substance to those who would receive. Then the word of the Lord came to me saying.


There are riches being released Even now unto these people.

This is a people that were called lowly.

This is a people that have been despised.

This is a people who have been looked down upon.

But I say this today.

The Lord says today.

This is a people I have chosen.

This is a people I have I have put My Hand on.

This is a people that I seek to glorify in the earth.

No longer think you are nothing.

No longer cast to the side

That you are nothing.

For you are great in My sight, For you have made yourself low but I shall exalt you before all men.

And before all men they shall not see you but shall see Me.

My glory shall shine forth thru you.

They shall see My signs and wonders and My miracles take place that they too shall come into the place that I desire.

For I am opening a door for you this year.

I am opening a door individually and corporately.

I am opening a door that can not be shut by any man.

And you shall enter in to that place of glory and obtain the treasure that I set before you and you shall bring it forth.

And as you bring it forth you shall not hold on to it, to grasp it but it shall be a thing that shall be given.

For I have put things in your hands to give. Not just money but I have given you power into your hands to give. Healings into your hands to give.

I put miracles in your hands to give.

So receive this year, this season this gift I have given you.

For I love you with a great love A love that was formed from before the foundations of the earth.

I knew you and called you by name. I was with you when you were formed in the substance of your mother’s womb.

I was with you in the earth, the very substance of the earth.

I have known you from that time and I have know you forevermore.

I have called you unto Myself. My sons and My daughters.

And I have called you to walk this earth in the greatness of My glory.

In the greatness of My sonship for Me and My family.

God bless you

God bless you

God bless you.

In the Name of the Messiah.

Don’t forget this is a new day and a new beginning. 2018 is a new beginning for you.

Don’t let the devil steal from you any longer. Ignore him- give him no place-give him no heed. For he has been rendered powerless by My son. By the Blood of My son. Don’t let him torment you any longer.

Be free today.

Be free today.

Receive freedom today.

Receive the word of the Lord and be free in Jesus Name. Amen



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