Greetings From Baja


Its been a busy week as usual , but a good one in general. Been having about an average of 45 kids eating daily and lots of new families migrating here as they usually do this time of the year.

Two tiny little toddlers , maybe 2 years old at max, came up to get water and I didn’t recognize them so I went down to see if they’d talk to me. NOPE. But they were so cute they tried to hide from me. One of the n/boys we’ve had for years, told me they were scared of my “colored” eyes (green). Usually they are when they are  new they stare at my eyes.

So I went up and got some hot peanuts to give  and managed to lure them out from behind the water barrel. They gobbled the peanuts down like it was gold and even though it was late I could see they were so hungry I made them pbj sandwiches  which that found HILARIOUS. I had to show them how to eat them by gobbling 2 down myself (so I should be working out).Finally they scooted up next to me on the back stoop and we proceeded to stare at each other. I was sticking my tongue out at the one to my right (bad manners I know ) when I felt something creeping on my left arm. My mind immediately said SNAKE and I jumped like a frog in a hot pot of water only to find it was the teeniest one. Maribela, inspecting the blond hair on my arms. They live to touch  the fuzz on my white  white skin.

More kids had gathered as at about 5 they start coming for their nights water. So I ran up and got more peanuts and we hung out and gossiped a while. Till it started getting dark and I had to shuffle them off to their houses. I really had tons of paperwork to do for the “newsletter” but I think Jesus preferred me staying and talking with his children to doing paperwork that will NEVER make the newsletter anyway, too spiritual.

I saw two big angels walked ahead of and behind the train of little ones and get this, the angel in back was carrying water for the tiny kids. And tossing them I see angels pretty frequently lately but never saw  one carrying water! The little girl was walking beside of him and giggling and picking up rocks and tossing them around. I watched them till they rounded the corner and came back in. It really was similar to the picture you always see of a big angel stopping 2 kids fall from a bridge. Both we dressed in green and silver. I’m starting to wonder if the colors they wear have any bearing on their positions. I guess I’ll try asking next time. Other than that its been cooking cooking cooking. I’m trying to figure out a way to make these kids eat pasta and not having a lot of luck. Any ideas are welcomed.

We had 3 new families for Meeting Friday and got asparagus in abundance in the offering. We got to pray for the 6 new babies and lots of people pressed in for ministry. God is Wonderful.

That sums my last few days up, pretty much. Can’t say anything that wasn’t a blessing.


Love, Detra




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