Baja Report March 2017

Pastor F. Arriaga
6:36 PM (51 minutes ago)



Hope all is well with all of our friends out there! It’s raining here, but we are NOT complaining.


We were supposed to have a Clinic Tuesday, but scheduling issues with our Doctora arose and she cancelled leaving us with 24 patients announcing earthly doctor. WE prayed for everyone then started ferrying the most urgent cases to Sector de Salud and the General all day in the rain yesterday.

We felt it was the least we could do after the let down. Then this morning at about 3am,Juanita called. Her husband was having difficulty breathing so Frank has him at the hospital still. I am waiting to hear from him.

WE may need to hire a back up doctor. So since we’ve been around so many hospitals the past 2 days we have started to ask around for doctors who might want to interview for the position in case she jumps ship. There are a couple of young female gp types who are possibilities.

We we thinking if necessary to have the prospects come out and work with a few patients each and THEN figure out who the Lord wants to be in the clinic. It should be considered a privilege NOT an annoyance. As to the day to day  happenings here in our world…….

Alomar power continues to be a  to be a big big blessing . it has taken so much STRESS off of Frank. Changed our day to day lives! We are so grateful to Yahweh our provider and everyone who gave and Bro. Richard Wilkins for getting the ball rolling. It’s not all paid for, I know he ended up putting it on his credit card by faith. So please keep believing with us to pay it off ASAP!!

We just finished enrolling 19 children in primaria  for next year. They range from K thru 6th.

We have been applying for every type of Beca we can from diputados , government programs and Indigenous Rights groups. We recieved word that three of our now  14 Homework Helps children HAVE been awarded these small scholarships from the Indigenous Rights Fondo…. on basis of their Improved work in the past two state administered tests!

They are small scholarships, $3200 pesos, but they will buy a years school supplies and make a world of difference in these children’s situations. Mostly the RECOGNITION OF THEIR WORK AND ATTENDANCE has motivated not just them but the other kids.

We are still waiting for the word on Becas for Lourdes, Francisco,and  Daniela. All of whom want to continue to 7th grade. Noelia has already gotten several little scholarships,  praise Yeshua. She is doing so well her teachers put her on early spring break because she is way ahead of the pack!

I know you know that not every child enrolled will actually go or continue,  but it is a start.

We now have a waiting list to get into the little program which just includes Frank, Noelia and myself sort of tutoring in our strong areas. THANK YAHWEH Frank recalls algebra. I do not and we’d be in a mess without his math skills. And Noelia.

IT also includes free Internet access for school purposes  here at the Mission. (which is why all of my data is used up this month already grrr) But they either have to use it here or pay 2 buses each way and then an Internet cafe which is really almost impossible way out here with these children’s economic situation. Those that stick with their education we will supply uniforms for, we are having them made now, and getting a better price plus giving employment to indigenous ladies who can’t do field work and would be relegated to begging.


Of course, with homework we slip in scriptures for practicing writing and Bible stories for reading. So it is a Bible based program that is developing as we go. We are using our own children’s OLD but great Christian homeschooling curriculum as a big help along with Sunday School materials that get donated from here and there. No one person in particular is supporting it but the Lord is providing thru different channels as He always has.

I continue to keep up on our married women who recieve birth control injections as they must be done a certain day that basically varies for each one. So I have those all scheduled on my phone, it alerts me as to who needs their injection on what day and I will pull them out of lunch to poke them. I’ve gotten better at it I think…. hear less OUCHES anyway.

Our sweet little old widow that Juanita and I were sneaking through  the window to treat for bedsores and malnutrition went home to be with the Lord last week. She  was saved and her favorite scripture was Psalms 23 which people could hear her singing until the day she passed. It blesses me to know this because Juanita and I used to sing it to her when attending her painful wounds. God bless her.

ISAIAS finally tested clear of his typhus infection after weeks of treatment and prayer. He is back to school and his normal mischievous self praise God.


We have had averages of 45 hungry children and breastfeeding mothers this past month. The food that Brothers Richard W and Tony D. is finally depleting but boy was it a blessing not just to us but to another children’s ministry in Ensenada and the Catholic shelter for Haitian people whom we shared with. Both groups were SO happy to see Frank show up with LOTS of rice, beans, canned tomato products,  and canned salmon.

We have been giving larger than usual staples allotments to 34 families each Friday before the Church meets. That way the church women can help make the allotments(it’s kind of time consuming) and then we eat the daily meal and clean up. After that the Church meets.This assures us that no one is forced to hear the Word BEFORE they eat physically and the ones who are spiritually hungry will stay!

LAST Friday, an older Trique widower who has been eating with us because his back was injured, got saved. He is the HAPPIEST little man! He went from being sad,   beaten down looking, to being EVERBODIES happy grandpa in like 2 hours!

We also had a visitation of angels during ministry time Friday. I saw them especially attending to the many babies present. It was magnificent seeing these huge rather happy angels placing this gold stuff on each babies head. Every single baby. The babies must have seen them too because they were laughing and cooing and smiling! This made the angels dance which was funny and the babies smiled and smiled. Which made me laugh and likely appear nuts.

All of the moms wanted their children, born and unborn prayed for……. they are no longer shy about it and press right in!

After Meeting I saw several moms standing together talking rather animatedly in their tongues and trying to brush the angel gold out of the babies hair. I told them to leave it, that it was a gift but beyond that didn’t say much because what COULD I say?? And in which language?? Holy Spirit will reveal it or not, is my thought. I notice a direct correlation in NOTHING THAT I DO having anything to do with whether this angelic activity happens or not. I am baffled but I really enjoy it!

In the tithe bowl we got lots of delicious asparagus…. My favorite and very expensive. Also we got little cokes and several pictures drawn in crayons from some of the children. They are learning to give and that ultimately will break povertys cruel hold. IN JESUS NAME.

God is good. This is truly a great year of recovery. I just received an email from a lady whom I lost contact with over 9 years ago and it was such a blessing…


So blessings to all……..

Please keep Javier Olmos  in your prayers for healing.

In Yeshua’s Love,




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