The Year 2016

Greetings Friends….
I have compiled the statistics for the year of 2016 and as usual I the Lord
YAHWEH has made it an amazing year!
We served 3,991 hot nutritious meals to mostly children…. all indigenous.
I am not including the occasional breakfast or cold sandwiches that are required to each week for stragglers.
We gave away food staples to 72 families – 39 which are constant and and the remainder come occasionally,usually when they first arrive here from the southern states.
Here is the amazing breakdown –
• Food staples – 
1750 lbs beans,
1350 lbs rice 
1800 lbs flour
750 lbs oatmeal
1200 eggs 
98 lbs sugar – we give sugar only at Christmas time, as a special treat. 
42 liters vegetable oil- 🎄 treat as well. 
1800 lbs powdered  milk
Soy Imitation meat products – 400lbs
Potable water -34, 000 gallons.
We continue to provide advocacy before government institutions-obtaining permits for those who are not aware of how to navigate the system,   especially for government  offered health insurance, called SEGURO POPULAR. The General Hospital and Sector de Salud are always a HUGE, TIME CONSUMING part of the healthcare program.
We gave uncountable midnight pregnancy rides to hospitals and bus stations.
I attended 29 births, all were teen mothers. 12 home births.  
These activities take up an enormous utility are a wonderful blessing and bridge builder to our neighbors.
We remain dedicated to getting labwork, sonogram said and taking people to and from the hospital, enrolling children in school,  applying for birth certificates, childhood vaccinations,  required federal identification and other miscellaneous operations. 
Unofficial health care continues ……by me giving injections making sure vitamins ,folic acid , are being taken,tending minor wounds, following up on medications and babysitting children.
This year we did field the classes on Zina Virus and Pastor Frank taught by example how to fill in mosquito breeding grounds in 7 labor camps.
The biggest blessing and extension of Kingdom of this year with approximately 59 people becoming the believers.
22 of them were water baptised.
We were blessed to dedicate 21 babies.
The clinic doctors saw 104 patients.
The Clinic has a huge focus on prenatal and care and well baby checkups. It sees at least 5 women per clinic who are at some point in their  pregnancy.
We remain in the search for a dentist.
The Clinics see many many upper respiratory infections in children.
This year we hooked up with a huge local resort who donated 215 good used comforter type blankets and gave 120 to indigenous families and 92 to men and women prisoners whom we visit each week.
Frank has baptized 132 men in prison and I have seen multiple miracles among the women prisoners.
Looking back on this list, I am ,as always floored & awed ,by YWVH’s Provision.
The balance sheets don’t add up, as GLORIOUSLY THEY INEXPLICABLY NEVER DO!
WE feel the Word of God for the coming months is to give yourself permission to rest in His everlasting and love, recieve your refreshing by the love of the Holy Spirit shed abroad in your heart and get ready to be a participant in the great expansion of the Kingdom to come.
Many heartfelt thanks for donating your finances and praying for us….. thus making all of the above possible!
Pastors Frank & Detra
Baja California
Mexico 🇲🇽

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