Baja Report November 2016

Here we are  hoping you all had a blessed holiday.

Ours was interesting. I wasn’t up to a Thanksgiving dinner so we didn’t celebrate it until Monday.
The Olmos clan was here along with Jay and Stan ( the couple who took over responsibility of Agua Viva Guarderia) and Ricki (a lady we found hitch hiking along the road to Ensenada).
We were going to the market Sunday and it was COLD and finally, raining. It rained really good for two days then the air just continued to bleed a fine mist of water for another 48  hours. I spotted a very.Caucasian women standing precariously right against the edge of that dangerous two lane highway that goes north. Frank and I turned to look at each immediately .He pulled over as soon as it was safe,and reversed until we were near her. She was waterlogged. A middle-aged lady with bright green streaks strategically placed in her hair, hopped right into the backseat. She told us she had hitched a ride in New Orleans with a truck driver a week ago, and wound up somehow here. It was a pretty farfetched tale, the kind that  people who have lived in the streets for a long ttime seem prone to tell. By the time we got to our first grocery stop she was weeping and thanking us for picking her up. She said shed been standing in that spot for several hours with no luck for a ride. Her clothes were grimy and all she had because her last ride had absconded with her backpack 2 days prior. She was pretty heartbreaking and turned out not to be middle aged but only 20. Am old twenty for sure. It was silently agreed between Frank an myself that we would invite her home and for Thanksgiving the next day of she wanted to join us. That is how we ended up with a stranger for the festivities.
There wasn’t a turkey but we feasted on several chickens we roasted along with beans fried sweet potatoes and rice,corn tortillas and some really hard rolls that I’d made.(I cannot for the life of me make bread come out right here. Maybe too close to the ocean)
Anyway it was good and warm in the Mission and the 16 of is having put the leaves in the table ate upstairs.
It’s our little tradition to take turns throughout thanksgiving dinner going around the table with each person sharing what we had to be twehankful for. It makes for a long dinner because we are inordinately blessed. It was fun and heartwrenching at a time. Our new friend cried. She was grateful and humbling and after dinner, as we were all  makiing postdinner noise talking over apple empanadas , she woundy up seated next to me. She emanated palpable shame and hurt and I felt like she was open for our Lords indwelling. We were whispering back and forth with me telling her some of my testimony. Suddenly I realized everyone else was quiet and the anointing just blanketed the room. It does that here almost every time we gather around the big table. Ricki was borne  again that day. She left that evening catching a way to town with Jay, ostensibly headed home to Little Rock. Juanita had gone round the group, gathering an offering for her bus money.
On the balcony in the fog, I that night I tried to count all of the people who had gotten saved around our old table,but I had to give up when I got to 22 because I became overwhelmed by the fact that the Lord has blessed us so. Allowing us to steward this place
in His Kingdom.
So it was good.
The weekend had passed quickly with Meeting on Friday (a lot of new people came and it was hard to push through thet amount of doubt in the place.It happens sometimes.) But several people hung around afterwards for prayer and two 12 year old Mixtecs got baptized in the Spirit.
We did have prison visitation  Saturday. We continue to hold mens Church on the bleachers since the Catholic church took over the building they had. Its been a blessing to be out in the open. For the second time in a row men hung around the periphery and asked for prayer…guys that have never set foot in the dedicated church building despite having the opportunity. I think it’s best to take the Kingdom outside when it’s possibe .
My visit time with the women has been chopped in less than half. I only get 45 minutes now. Its not enough to visit with  everyone individually, but I am praying this will change. Johanna remains well with no outwards signs of aids visible at all. The sores remain banished, praise Jesus.
We had a Clinic. We had 5 prenatal patients who are all progressing well. We expect 2 new babies in December.
> > We also had 2 well baby checkups and 5 respiratory infections in children. I gave out tons of vitamins and probiotics.
> > So all was going pretty well until early yesterday when Frank had another gran mal seizure. It was a rough one. That’s two in 10 days. They are harrowing. I was not as calm as I should be. They scare me. I was able to pray through it though. We can kind of see them coming. Both of the recent big siezures have been foreshadowed by the weird dizzy spells he used to get before we came here. He gets very disoriented and usually is overwhelmed by a strange smell that only he can detect., then he gets an impending sense of depression,blackness doom.  He had three of these “spells” within the 24 hours preceding the big attacks. Its gotten to where I don’t really want him out driving around Willy nilly after these foreshadowing aura type siezure. We really believe it is spiritual and are asking the Lord what needs to be done to close the door on these.
Everyone says he needs to the see a neurologist but from what I’ve read it’s really rare to even get a DX. Mostly they seem to say epilepsy but that seems to be just a broad category that people are placed in when they have had more than 2 gran mal seizures.
Anyway we would be grateful for faithfilled prayers.
A church in northern Idaho has expressed interests in helping us hire a full time 5 day a week cook and dishwasher. We can do it for $300 a month for a cook 5 days a week and 240 a month for a helper dishwasher.
> It is possible that we could have the dishwasher come only three days a week for a little bit less. So that is something to we are praying for.
We are getting excited about having a  Christmas Dinner/Party for the first time in years. The same church has proved gifts for 35 children.
We are planning on definitely having a dinner….
tamales rice and  beans. With flan and cake for dessert.
We would like to get a bouncy house if the funds come in. They cost $110 for 1 day.
We are getting organized now. Planning games and giving away blankets that day as well.
Hopefully we can do 2 pinatas.
It all depends on what the Lord provides for.
> Shockingly indigenous families are sending their men North into the States as quickly as they can…..everyone trying to cross before Trump makes it more difficult.

> Well I will let you go….
> Blessings
> SiS. detra

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