Speak to the Hungry Hearts.

Speak to the hungry hearts. For I have hungry hearts among the people that are crying out for My voice and are crying out for My Presence. They greatly desire to know Me. They greatly desire to lay aside the things that have encumbered them. From religion and the burden of doubt guilt and shame. They want to know Me and I want to know them. For I have come that they might know life and life in abundance, says the Lord. I have come that they might know Me, that they may know the Father, the One True God and the one who sent Jesus Christ.
I have come says the Lord for that and the day and the hour has come where I will sweep thru like a Mighty Wind and I will begin to blow and I will begin to shake that which people cling to and that which people have held on to and they will be fearful. They will say, why’s the Lord let this happen? What has it been permitted? The Lord says only trust Me. Only trust Me, for that which is blown away was not of Me, says the Lord. That which remains shall remain and not be shaken and shall stand as a  pinnacle in the world, says the Lord. And the great darkness, the great darkness that mankind has brought upon the planet, the great darkness that the enemy has encompassed the planet with. I will cause light to shine and they will say, There it is. I will go towards the that. I will be led by that, That is where safety is, that is where I will be loved. That is where I will have what I need at this time, says the Lord.
And that is not a building, That is not a group, that is you , says the Lord. For I will plant you here and I will plant you there and I will plant your everywhere, says the Lord. And some shall be scattered and some will remain, but know this that I am with you all the same.
April 7, 2013


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