Dearest and AP

Well greetings. Hope this finds  yall all well.  It’s  been a wild ride round here this week.
Two little toddlers we barely know managed to  pull a hot skillet of lard down upon themselves and the results were hideous but the Name of Jesus  moved mountains as advertised (as he is won’t to do)  and got them humanitarian visas to Shriners Hospital in LA. Word from hospital social worker  though says they are doing very well and I oops like neither will lose mobility in the burns areas praise  yeshua!
So many  kids get burned around the cooking fires, that is one reason we are attempting to built safer smokeless stoves that are cost effective and mobile. MIT  has a plan for one on the net that appear doable so does Harvard.
It’s something we would like to do. I’ll send you the Web sites on it. I know that they are doing it in India and in Honduras as well. I’d be interested to know if you saw them being actually used.
Yesterday we both got back into prison which was great. They kind of arbitrarily keep us our schedule unpredictable so it is always good to get IN when u can.
I got back to my ladies to find about  half moved to other facilities…   just like that.  Kind of a bummer, but in the end okay
as it brought new folk to throw their  cigarette butts at me. I have  been promoted from standing upon a bucket!   In my absence somebody created me a milk crate pulpit. I’m not really into pulpits, but it was a sweet  gesture and it does protect the speaker from having burning butts catch their long flammable church skirts on fire. It’s kind of like a shield. Who knows?  maybe that’s why pulpits were invented- as shields.?
I had a case of military bibles to give out and they went like hotcakes. Big tall Johanna is still there keeping the place in line. She is truly a called leader, full of questions and  comments  which help in general.  Everyone’s too scared of her to heckle me so that’s cool.
They told me word had reached  them regarding the big baptism angel filled service in the men’s area & instantly I  got smacked with  pressure that didn’t  make me feel so good.   There are around ten who yearn for baptism. I don’t make water baptism a big issue as at times it can mess people up.  You baptize them and never see them again.  But in prison, there’s less a chance of that happening as they are likely to remain physically a captive audience . No pun intended.

I may need to do one of your unorthodox yet effective sprinkle/ partial dips  (like you did with Aides father before he passed) as they don’t have a nice place to do so for the women.
I taught on it though, A again and left some homework.(BTW the entire justice system is to begin undergoing big  changes down here. They passed a law last week that babies may remain with mothers in prison for the first three years of their lives.  It is to be implemented soon  only Ywvh knows how.  But it has spirits raised  for  sure.)

After such awesome visible angelic activity  last visit I saw  not ONE this time.Mostly I  felt led to  spend one on one time to go around and privately minister.  Shame is a big  lie to be cast out and one on one  time with the women provides a great time to get to this, talking to each one on one.

My 3 hours flew by, with my eyes  eagerly  peeking around for angels . But Nada.

Right before I  left I gathered the group that I know now and we sang just a few simple choruses of ALL HONOR ALL GLORY, in Spanish  and whoa the Glory just filled the womens area. It was amazing. It was like we were transported to another place I started singing in tongues, and people just got to doing so as well  and in general we soaked in the Pure Presence. Before this anointing fell like fire,  a demon possessed lady, actually I knew here from when we first used to minister in fact  she’s the one who tried to choke me once back then. So anyway, right as the Glory started hitting people here she comes, out of her corner(she has a sheet  Fort like little kids make , where she sits and babbles and hits her head on the wall). Here she’s coming right to me cursing me in at least 5 languages, women all around,  scared of her &  parting like the Red Sea,  but she’s coming  pointing at me, spitting and hissing and I remembered one time when you were here an we were out ministering in the street  and the same type thing  happened. Clear as day I heard you say to me   “don’t you let those spirits take over. And you rebuked it and it fell on the ground trying to strangle the  girl, clawing at her eyes then u very quietly knelt on the ground and said,” devils  You MUST go NOW IN JESUS NAME & YOU WILL NOT HURT HER. “AND they stopped and left poom.

So back to Saturday, this really homicidal looking gal is coming to stop it all but I recalled what you taught me… Holy Spirit in me stepped out of the milk crate  thing and met her and said, ‘stop, do it,  now in Jesus Name and go in silence,’ and this woman  melted to the floor like butter and she was in a peaceful  state of sleep the rest of my time there.  Afterwards her neighbor said the woman hadn’t slept in literally months, she was that tormented. NOBODY could recall seeing her sleep. The aanointing  the pure Presence remained.

Its hard to to determine the length of time it lasted but the Lord gave time to pray for each one and several got filled and sang in tongues, I could hear men’s voices at one point and can only believe that the men outside of the women’s area just beyond the big metal wall got caught up in the Presence with us. I know there’s a bunch of men that listen

because the exercise yards  (more like dog runs) back right up to the women’s kitchen which is sort of where my milk crate shield is. Also back in the women’s cell area, which they had me locked out of this time, you could hear singing in tongues and JOYFIL weeping as well. It was amazing.

Then it was time to go.  Johanna usually keeps time for me because she has a watch, but this time a female guard came in without us having to bang on the door hollering for a guard to get me out.  Quick goodbyes were said and she escorted me towards that big door that separates the men and women. Before she unlocked it the guard stopped and gave me a hug! When she did she slipped an envelope in my skirt, which kind of concerned me. I didn’t know what the heck it had in it and they usually search you going out, too.  So I was aware of its presence the whole LONG walk out   as men shoved letters through the fence for me to mail like they always do.  That’s always the hardest most bittersweet part of the whole experience – leaving them behind. I mean I DEFINITELY want out,  but it’s sad leaving people behind that you may never see again. They did not search me on my egress praise God.
Anyhow when I got out and we pulled out of the parking lot I opened it,  the hidden letter. It was a long letter to me “Hermana Didi”,  and the guard told me that she had been a prisoner  way back when I first went all these years ago  and that she was one that got IT.  The letter explained how she did her time,  went to school graduated and she says the Lord got her this job! How she loved being able to love the prisoners and she wanted to thank me.  It is pretty cool.  Had to be Ywvh getting her that job. It would never happen in the natural….. Prisoner to Guard.  And her family’s  in church and in general she’s awfully blessed. I’ve read the letter so many times and cried on itthe it’s about to dissolve. It was  a good day actually two in a row,. We hhad a good Meeting.  The meal didn’t include meat, because of the financial situation down here.  Mexico has experienced thirty percent inflation in 2 weeks. CRAZY. But, thankfully sure Ina different system.

Amazingly, 4of the families who usually need staples didn’t need any this week and other families, all givers, didn’t need EVERY item.  Two families actually gave half of their allotment to new families which is a first.  We have about 15 new families, all fleeing the violence down there. In tthe offering  we got eggplant , corn , maters, chile seco, squash, coco peaches and figs. LOTS.  If you have any good eggplant recipes throw me one.. Sonora AAlejandra, the very  very thin older lady wants to be baptized.  It is cold  cold, too. So iin  general they’re getting the tithing system and they are getting blessed.  Two families now have a family car. One car for like 22people but hey, they are being blessed.

Hopefully, alls well with  yall….. the message was great BTW.

Did you get my YouTube Black Church  Don’ts!?  I think they are hilarious glad I  found them.  They are easy for me to relate to because I went to COGIC  for a couple of years. Well llet me let u go…







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