Baja Prison Angels

Blessings BURD & AP,
> IT has taken me until now to be able to write coherently what prison was last Saturday.
> As you know Chip really did crunch his ankle so he couldn’t  go.He rode in the truck with me and waited outside.
> I went  on in (after a VERY thorough body search) which  shook me up a little. Let us just say preaching was the last thing I wanted to do  by the time the two guards got done with me. Looking back
> I am quite sure that  is what the enemys plan was. So, it was unpleasant…   for the first time ever for me a male guard accompanied his female colleague. It lasted as long as they could draw it out. Several times the woman guard told me that if I  would  just leave my Bible with them for safekeeping (yeah right) that the search would be over.
> As it drug out,though, my nervous  torment around 25 minutes I heard Holy Spirit  tell me to agree,not to worry for the Book and to leave it. At that point I  did accommodate their wishes and I immediately got my clothes back. Praise Yeshua.
> So, this time another male guard escorted me down the looong walkway, another thing they  never do. I was really relieved to see the huge iron door that let’s you into the women’s prison.
> Much to my dismay, we did not stop there. I asked if the women had been moved to another facility and he told me,” No. We have you on the list to spend your time in the men’s spot.”
> WHAT? I had a brief  moment  of fear, but praise the Lord, Holy Spirit literally  refilled me with peace,the guard had been  joined by another guard and they really seemed to enjoy that flash of fear I had experienced as they  were snickering & saying things right in front of me as if I didn’t  speak Spanish. It was disturbing.  But, as we reached the lock down cells where we gave out blankets a while back,the two guards stopped as if they had hit a brick wall and these two HUGE men fell in beside me. I was shook up walking into this dank dark tunnel with these two really  big guys. I really thought about turning around and running back into the light, and in a split second or.millisecond both of the men turned towards me, and as they did their entire countenense changed and these huge wings unfolded to the point that the tips of their  wings seemed to TRANSCEND the dripping concrete ceiling and left a sparkly white shiny stuff fall upon myself and the floor. I looked behind us and saw they had left trails of the stuff the whole way we had walked. In the middle of their trail my footprints could be seen like the little footprints of a child.
> This sounds so cliché,  but once facing me, one of them said, “Fear not.” The other and BTW they looked EXACTLY ALIKE, began to speak. He told me they had been sent to protect me and that I should NOT fear if I lost physical sight of them because they were there for the duration.  My mind was completely blown by now and I  felt my mouth open  to call for a guard who is in charge of loosing the prisoners that usually appeal to Frank. At this point though I  realized that  was going to be my responsibility that day.
> And so a.guard came walking into the tunnel with those old fashioned keys jangling, like in a movie .  I looked to my right and left to see NOBODY with me. But I  was OK. The guard took me onto the top tier  and told me to take my pick of who I wanted to go to the church area but not to exceed 50, because “I had already  taken  out my first 50.”
> WRITING this I feel like Alice having fallen down a rabbit hole,but no,it really happened.
> Approaching the cells and the men seeing a woman caused a ruckus and  so as not to show any fear I looked down at the floor to gain some composure and saw that sparkling stuff dropping seemingly out of nowhere. The angels were still there!
> At that point I quit being a big wuss and went straight past the first three cells that accomodate some 17 men each. By the time I got to cell 314(some weird numbering system they have), all was.silence and as I faced that cell it got MORE silent if that is possible. I looked to my right and sure enough that angel was visible again. I’ve no doubt that the prisoners we’re seeing them,too.
> Confidently,now, I began to point out the guys who would be shackled and taken to Meeting. But stranger still,was that as I pointed men out, I also called them by name! And I hadn’t  met One of them. So they we’re as equally stunned as I was.  Out of some cells I took 10, at some I took 2 and at others I took none. Id gotten to the 2nd tier one cell in when the guard ran out of his 50 sets of shackles. I thought for sure I had run out of time and was so disappointed… then I  got a glance at the guards watch and saw Id only been inside the prison 20 minutes! Totally  impossible… It was like a time warp …YWVH definitely  runs a  different time continuum.
> So anyway I followed the chain(of men shackled hand to foot to hand ) and saw that EVERYONE of “my” prisoner’s  feet or shoes if they had them, because  lots do not, were picking up the glory stuff.  They  didn’t  seem to notice it and it’s blowing my mind.
> We got into the men’s prison church building. Everyone was seated quietly I was escorted to a seat on the front row and  saw Rogelio come out and he was playing a guitar and started leading live worship. They had two players drums and I snatched up a tambourine.
> The men are not allowed to stand. Those who are in full body shackles physically cannot even lift their hands as they are chained at the waist. Read that twice because of what was about to happen.
> Roger started playing  the music  to “I  Hung the Moon”  and me with  my pitiful voice started to sing it. I don’t think I have ever felt that kind of  anointing. We just kept on, flowing between  understanding  and singing in the Spirit it just kept getting more and more palpable,  the Presence,  and I  forgot the men were shackled and started encouraging them to  raise their hands and I  looked toward the door and saw it shut and now three angels.  One at the door- these gigantic wings fully extended and just opening and closing, the other two (that I saw) where moving through the rows of men bending down a little.  The air was not like regular air, where they moved the air became like foggy and as these angels moved through the men were able to lift their hands.. I could see the joy on their faces as some of them were looking around  for the guard not  seeing him and going on to praise Yeshua.
> It was  awe inspiring to say the least.
> Just as worship had begun sudden it changed just as suddenly to just Yeshua through me preaching in singing tongues what I knew was Those who are rejected by man are precious stones for Him.
> I don’t have a clue as to how long it went on.  All I know is that  at some point I heard rushing water, turned to where it was coming from and saw a large cinder block baptismal fount being filled.
> Rogelio waved me over the angels walked me down the steps into the water and we’re gone.
> A line of men were worshipping and we were baptizing  them EVERY One came up speaking in tongues.  Not just English and Spanish but … Japanese, trique, zapotec  and on it wentI’ve never even seen this happen  but each including me could understand.  About the 12th guy in line was the guard  already  speaking in tongues.  He laid his gear (gunto nightstick and radio down) & i recall thinking “oh boy this could be an issue” but something made me look towards the door & that big angel was still guarding the door. So we baptised the guard!
The entire place was in a golden mist with everybody talking to YWVH or each other either soaking wet or in line . I guess over ahundred people got baptized in water and in the Spirit . The wild worship went on and on and then as quick as it started it was done. I looked at the door and the big angel was gone. All of the wet prisoners were shackled again and the wet guard was waving me to go.
Rogelio walked as far as he could with us and he asked about Frank then he said, “well it was bound to happen anyways, the women are having some kind of revival.They sing in tongues all night and its got the priest upset. This was probably meant to scare you.” We said goodbye at the door. The guard loosed me to get out on time. When i got to the truck Frank was weeping and praying and told me he had seen glimpses of all of it it was wild. Ihope this continues although suddenly seeing angels does weird me out.
All else is well. We pray for yall to glory in the Glory.
Got to run and pick up mcca donations.Love and shalom



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