Prision Visit

Greetings. In Jesus Name,

As many of you know, yesterday was my first day back able to visit prison.
It was a truly blessed day for many reasons!
First, at about 8am we got a call from our new friend,the resort owner, donating more great comforters, these from another of his properties in Baja Sur. He explained that when he got the photos of us giving the first donations away and read the report describing the prisoners reactions to his gift,he was deeply touched and moved to do more. Praise YWVH! He also invited us to have lunch with he and another partner next week.
So, one big huge reason for my excitement was going inside with these greatly needed gifts,even though it takes an eztra chunkof tme as they must be inspected for contraband.
Before. I go on, I am not sure who knows about the little boy who fell from the cuarteria wall (same wall Angelica fell from last year) ,and suffered a severe head injury, causing mother to be sent to prison about. 2 weeks past. The hospital called us @ 4am to inform us that little Jorge ,age 3-4, went Home at 2am this morning. The 1st day since the tragic accident.,that I was to be able to see his mother since before tis accident.
Frank had been able to speak with the prison social worker last week to explain the case of the mother (SHE ,Senaida Jimenez,is a border widow, and the arresting officers left her other 3 children ALONE upon her arrest) . The social worker was amiable ….but now the child has died. We found she is to face homicide by neglect.
So,Jesus, why am I still excited to go see her avd inform her?
Well as the merciful. God we serve would have it,on the way to prison,we had to pick up some test results,  and who should we sit next to while waiting but our neighbor,who a decade ago was just an investigations superviser, but 4 years ago was appointed as a judge! We had time to talk AND. he has promised to get Senaida’s case moved to his tribunal !
And so we went.
First Frank and I.were. searched and separated. as per norm.
I walked the guantlet and felt led to deal with Senaida first, not knowing. how lomg she might.need a shoulder.
I borrowed Johana”s cell to inform Senaida  privately. It was hard for her,itold her first her left behind children are with Juanita or I or at the mission all day and are doing as well as could be considering ….the?n I informed her of Jorge , she was as aare most non Christian indigenous are STOIC. I explained how l hsve seen cbildren literally  borne up by angels and what an amazingly,beautiful expertence it is. Nope. She just stood head erect.
Due to the time I have I had to move on. So with 6 ft  tall Johanna  in tow  I headed for my bucket pulpit.
I taught on grace and gratitude, as the anointing fell, I  began to notice about half the people  gathered around listening start to glow, not like a lighstick you buy at a ballgame, it’s hard to find the right words,but more  like a white, sparkling fog and it only lasted for as long as it took Holy Spirit to tell me that of all who have professed Jesus  since my time inside this time, the ones that glowed  had  actually met Jesus.  Although He said he dwelt in all their  hearts.  How long it lasted I can’t say because for me YWVH  runs on different time or stops.  It was long enough for Him to tell me to wrap it up and to go round and individually  love, befriend and pray for the non glowing.  So I  did it.
I was speaking to an elderly woman who admitted that she had only accepted Jesus  to see if I would give  her something, when  Johanna said that the guard was there for me. As she said that, I heard a blood-curdling screaming from the back cells. My first thought was, OH DEAR GOD PLEASE DON’T Make me deliver another  baby  here  in the bathroom.
By now the guard was  waiting  but he let me  check it out.
IT WAS SENAIDA, WEEPING AND NOW SHE SAID, I DO, I DO WANT TO KNOW YOUR GOD. AND SO I led her to Yeshua.  Then I really had to go.
The guard took me to Frank and Rogelio and we got to give out more blankets!
I noticed the guys who had gotten thm  last  time had them either neatly rolled up  or made into sleeping pallets…
LOTS of weeping.  Frank water baptized  2 guys,  partially wetting  2 burn victim’s  from the recent fire  and we had to go.  Rogelio sends  his love.
Paloma has been transferred.
Have a great Fathers day.
Love to you all

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