Baja Prison Ministry

Hey y’all,

I am continually amazed at the Lords Love for His own.
AFTER going to Frank’s  Dr. appointment we got a phone call from  Lisa(one of our old dishwashers who’s husband went to prison for 4 years about  4 years ago). Her son age 17 works for a huge resort here in town. SHE said that the resort owner wanted to see us,sent a message thru her son.We have NO idea why but okay we set up to meet before prison yesterday.
We met with him at the big restaurant in his 190 room resort. He said he heard about us thru Lisa’s son and wonders if we can use 90 king sized comforters and some beds be cause he refurbishes each year.
Well you know how much we’ve needed blankets! Praise Jesus, we took possession of these  heavy clean good smelling things of worth. We will get back with him on beds next week.
From there we head to prison.  Im wondering how we can keep blankets from being stolen. Frank went in to speak with the social worker & is back in 10 minutes……a miracle in itself….. and says they will allow us to take in some blankets and they’ll post a guard to guard the rest.
So after a lengthey search of said blankets  and us,Rogelio meets us  with  2 guys with wheelbarrows and we start carting them into the inner sanctum. Frank took 35 to the men and I took  30 to my ladies!
You should have seen the looks on their faces when I handed these huge like new comfortors out…….every woman who has had to sleep on cold concrete immediately rolled up like caterpillars ……gleeful thankful caterpillars. Most cried. Whom am I Lord to bring such a thing? I wept and stood on my bucket and talked about angels. Even congyugal visits stopped because as I was talking  I began to see these angels around different women. I told those being visited what I was seeing. They we’re standing BEHIND some women and removing shackles from their feet.  One lady who hurled lit cigarette butts at me last week rushed forward and hugged me.and I mean rushed as in ran at me. The space where she had  been was occupied by a ugly moldy looking rope. As others came forward I saw each had left these ropes and suddenly knew I was to tell them that temptation was coming to pick the things the bondage back up and that the angels had come to loose them but it was their responds-a-bility to stay away from the bondage. I told them they needed Jesus Power to do so. 41 people accepted Christ as King..Including one very surly guard. Each time one did the ropes whooshed down straight into the floor! (I don’t know how you handle seeing this stuff because it is bizarre. )
As I  started to the kitchen to eat some dubious looking food…I heard a lady yelling ‘Hey what about me…what about me?
Snap I’d  forgotten the cells & had little time left but I rushed back in that dark hole.Johana whose helped get me around before went with.
A lady I had never seen was cowering in a corner by her latrine hole. She was obviously very very pregnant. “Please please get the ropes off of me before I have the baby. She was begging and squatting holding her legs together. She was giving birth! Like right then. Johana ran  to get the guard to get help. The guard comes back and assesses this bizarre turn of events. I said,please let me in with her because I  knew I had to be. The guard said. Im sorry. I can’t she’s  here because she’s crazy,violently crazy.  Then she just changed her mind and opened the gate..
I went in with the guard and we literally made it to her as the baby just slipped on out into my hands. Somebody threw me a clan shirt to wrap the squalling baby girl into.So I did moving with the lady back to her bunk because they we’re still attached. I laid the baby on her chest and it latched on.The mama Guadalupe, asked me to pray for them. I did.She eagerly received and I went for it and dedicated  baby Veronica while I had the chance.
The mom wept and wept until the social worker and another guard arrived with a wheelchair and they we’re taken away.
I had to go, too. As I made my way through the women’s cell  area, ladies whose faces I couldn’t see reached out through the bars & touched me.
The newly saved guard turned a blind eye to this unacceptable  thing. I was also  30 minutes late. But the guard was cool. She asked me to please bring her a Bible.
I got to wave at Rogelio.
Frank was worried and even more so when he saw blood all over me!
Ill have to go segundaing for a new jail skirt,but I hated that sack anyway.
Frank has things to share too.  Im letting him write it tho as it is his story and long.

CONGRATS AGAIN TO MRS. Bailey. Proud of u cuz!!!!

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