New Kids and Families

IMG_20150828_195535This lil guy is part of a family of Mixtecs that just arrived.  The mother and baby are terribly malnourished. I thought the baby was about 7 months old when I saw him in the rebozo on her back.  But he is actually 2 years old. Can’t walk or talk yet.  I measured his upper arm and calves and they are 1.5 inches around.  6 kids in family they’ve been eating maybe 1 meal a day at  home. In Guerrerro.
He literally looks like one of those old TV commercials showing a skinny Ethiopian kid with huge distended belly.  Worst case I’ve ever seen.  The Mama too. On the good side, Yahweh sent them here and we were able to load them down with staples. Gave them all vitamin supplements and told Martina I AM expecting to see her chubbier by next Friday. Prayed for them and back to the filthy. CUARTERIA. they went. The older siblings have been here playing in playground every day since.  They can say the. Name. of Yavweh already. IMG_20150828_195028  IMG_20150828_134712

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