Baja Healing

Dear Burd & AP,

Yes, I’m  way better, praise Jesus. I want to thank you for praying for me. I started to feel better when I got the emails and have continued to get better. I’m going to mop the whole house today so I am WAY better. This thing was supposed to have lasted  a lot longer.
A week or so again, that day I was locked in the car with no knobs , we had to be at the accountants office really early( for and office in Mexico anyway) it was like   7:30am, and this guy’s office was DIRECTLY in front of the open side door to the HUGE Catholic Church downtown, the one with the big huge bronze statue of Jesus. You’ve seen it.
So, anyway the Church bells started to ring. It was cool because they do it the old fashioned way, their was a monk or something standing on the sidewalk pulling this like 300 foot long rope to make the bells ring. Frank was in the office when the music started coming out  the side door of this Church.
Immediately I felt an overwhelming urge to go in there and pray. (I have never actually been in a Catholic Church.) Right on the heels of this weird urge, I heard the Word. “God doesn’t live in temples made of human hands, now He lives in us.”, then I heard Holy Spirit say , “You know I am right here in this truck with you. I am in you, but there are my people in there  and so I Am in there right now as well..” So I started praying in tongues in the truck. And after about ten minutes, He said real clear, He is in everyone that believes in there, too”  He said ” Yes, many are there due to being under condemnation and tradition, and religion . But I Am LOVE. I love them, go in there now. “
Believe or not I like an idjit answered back, “But we dont have that much time before we have to leave and be at that appointment.” He said,” Fear not, I framed the ages, and I am in control of all time. Go ahead.”
So I walked across the street and it was pretty dark, but I figure there were maybe 30 people , most of them elderly and what I’ve always imagined them doing they were doing. It was pretty much half women half men and the elderly women were a typical picture of an old style Mexican woman, in a modest dress, very elderly and they were kneeling at the front, with their rosaries and lace veils doing penance.
I stopped about 3 feet inside and felt embarrassed to go (the devil)  and the oldest woman who was kneeling with her eyes closed,(so how did she see me hesitating there?) got up and limped over to me.
Said, “Come in child.” and wrapped her arm around me and started leading me to the very front, where those steps are where they take communion. She knelt back down and I knelt down ,too. And the annointing hit me SO HARD, I couldn’t stop weeping. I looked up and saw this giant typical Jesus crucified, which has always hurt me and made me sad. But my eyes were drawn to it and I literally couldn’t look away. It was like I was frozen in that position I don’t know for how long, but I eventually realized I was praying quietly in tongues. Finally, after I guess about an hour , I felt released, I felt the fear and the burden of what’s going on just LIFT. Then the music stopped and Mass began. I got up and went out the same door I’d come in. This is where I left off with you BURD, here comes part 2-
Fast forward to going to the government offices and getting locked in the car for two hours . I almost died like chihuahuas do when they get locked in cars with windows rolled up. We had another appointment after my, near death locked in a car experience but we had two hours to kill and nothing to do, so we started driving around town looking for a shady place to park.
What do you know, we ended up finding the ONLY shady spot on the other side of Ensenada at another Catholic Church Building. It was the super poor part of town and  although the building was ginormous, it was really run down, patched up with odd pieces of plywood and card board. Bizarrely enough, as we park under a shade tree, a guy sitting in a wheelchair was on the sidewalk with long rope ringing the noon bells. I don’t think in any way it was coincidence.
As soon as we were parked, I hear Holy Spirit say, “Go on in there now,”and I physically  felt a hand lay on my shoulder and give me a gentle push. I thought it was Frank, but when I looked at him , he had both hands still on the steering wheel. I asked him,” did you just push me?” He said, “No.” So I told him, “I’m supposed to  go in this one , too.”  He said okay and I got out and walked across the street. The doors were wide open, it, like the other one, it  was pretty dark, but I couls see it the carpet was totally worn out and there were only like 4 stained glass windows and two were boarded up from the outside In fact, Mary was boarded because once I got inside I saw it dimly.  Definitely the poorest  Catholic Building I have ever seen anywhere.
There were two people in there at first. In the very back row was another old man in a wheelchair. In the front row, another lady about 60 or so. She was sitting there head down I assume praying. I As I got halfway down this long aisle, a priest came out. It was like something out of a movie , because he said, “Come in my child. Do you wish to make confession?”
I said , “I am not a Catholic.” The Lord just told me to come in here and pray.”
He shook his head positively and said, “of course, you are here anytime.” Then he went about his business and disappeared out into some kind of side offices.
I went up to the steps where communion is given, and knelt on this frayed totally bald, filthy old red carpet. Again, my eyes  were like transfixed upon this huge Christ crucified. The paint was flaking off of him even. But I could NOT take my eyes away I don’t for how long but it seemed LONG. I couldn’t help it, I started to weep and weep like no tomorrow. I felt this horrible sorrow for Him. I think He gave me the most minute taste of what He felt back then. Finally, I was able to bow  my head and pray. Again I just prayed quietly in tongues for a while. But this time, it was more like groaning and travailing in prayer, quiet yet travailing. When the burden lifted I got up to walk out, along the walls were pictures of Peter and Paul and Andrew I couldn’t see them too good, and was curious, so I had to cross in front of the only lady there. As I did, she stood up and I saw she had had a stroke or something, her face was paralyzed, her whole left side. Get this: with her good arm she reached out a grabbed my arm AND SAID, “I have been waiting for you.” I knew in my spirit that if I laid hands on her she was going to be healed. And so right there, in the front of this Catholic Building, in the dark, I just laid hands on her and told the spirit of the stroke to GO. It went. She dropped her old wooden cane , and smiled a straight, not twisted smile and wrapped both arms around me and wept and kept saying, Thank you Jesus, Thank You Jesus……………not Mary, not a saint but Jesus. She hugged me so long and hard I started to get  sweaty. Finally she let me go and walked without a cane up to the front, and knelt down and prayed.
I watched her for a few minutes then turned and made my way out the way I came.
I went to the truck and told Frank, what happened. And as we had to wait there some more until our appointment, we saw the lady come on walking out, she didnt have her cane anymore and she even had a little spring in her step. Praise Jesus.
Now I know why I was called into those buildings. To get prayed up, to see and be reminded of “By His stripes we were healed.”
That night I had a dream or a vision I am not sure. But I saw Jesus the King, His feet anyway, and He told me, ” I want you to tell the people , that although I Am the King of Kings, so many are forgetting or not taking into account ENOUGH that I WAS crucified for them, my soul was vexed for them, BUT many because they do not see  healing or miracles , they have almost forgotten. I Am the Resurrection and the Life and the stripes , the bruising of my earthly body HAS HEALED them. Too many don’t REALLY believe THAT part. This is why I took you to see Me crucified, to cause YOU to remember, so that you would have the faith in My Stripes you  have  put out of your mind.”  He wasn’t rebuking me, He spoke so lovingly I physically felt Him touch my head and He was gone.
Now I know that Harvest of Faith takes Communion all the time. He was not talking to everybody who remembers but to those who have either out of the pain it brings believers to think of, or inadvertently, or out of disbelief in His Entirety as Bruised , Beaten, Betrayed Crucified unto death, Resurrected, and now Reigning  and Returning King of Kings,
We MUST believe in  ALL of Him. Because He is all of that. In the last few days He’s talked to me a lot, and one important item  of many that He told me, is that we should never, never be embarrassed or afraid to pray for healing , we should NEVER rule out where to do it when prompted, or make a judgement that this or that person won’t recieve because of WHATEVER reason, and especially among people in Churches that DON’T believe in healing TODAY. We must press in.
Other than that school has started here. We continue to feed the children. Right now just can afford 3 days a week because that is what we can afford at this point. But there’s always enough for whoever comes.
 Vitamin Boy has moved away, I miss him. It’s hard to see them go once you get to know each one.
I heard Aquilino’s family bought his bride , so he is an adult now, soon to be a father.
Oh, we just got our electricity bill.  It is $6,500 (and change) pesos.That’s about $590 US. It’s not just us. In the paper they call these loco recibos. Which means crazy bills. Frank stood in a hundred person line to see how much it would be because our bill got taken by someone. He talked to tons of poor people whose bills are $350 dollars and more. It’s ridiculous. Our light company here does this whenever it desires. A  lot of it is the luxury tax. Electricity is taxed as a luxury  in Mexico.
 We need a miracle , so please agree with us that it will come. We are blowing the shofar in faith. The neighbors have tired of it, but we were told to do so by the Lord and they’ll need to deal with it.
We continue to get the bank thing fixed, seems it may take some time, as they are not in a hurry.
Praise Yahweh.
Blessings upon you all,
Frank and Detra
and the Church here in Baja

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