Victory in Baja

We had a good Meeting today. (Friday) . We have been bringing in a few  new people from a work camp in Maneadero. They met us thru the  Clinics that we have This one man heard about free medical care from some relative who lives over here in the local Cuarteria.
> >> The poor guy had broken his leg when he fell somehow attempting to cross the US border.  It happened days  prior  to finally getting to the Clinic…..he had been gimping along in unimaginable pain  until he showed up at the last clinic.
> He didn’t know his leg was broken….. just knew it hurt really bad and he had no money.
> The *coyotes* stole what money he had (plus obviously kept the $4000 his family was extorted up front) and left him for dead in the desert. So, he and his family are having a very hard time. They were so happy to get the beans, rice and other foods we give out.  He was so hungry he was eating raw oatmeal as we  passed out food. I’ve seen quite a few people adults and children alike, do this over the years, but it is always unsettling.
> They were so broken by the whole experience which had engulfed them, that their hearts were totally open and receptive to the Word. FRANK had laid hands on him at the last Clinic, but today he heard the Gospel of Resurection and got saved along with his 12 year old son.  My belief honestly, is that had we just preached salvation and.not focused on Resurrection, this man would not have responded.  For I see now,  that his concern; at that moment was; his age and the condition of his body  and what,  if anything, ( besides chubby little Raphael-esque Cherubim angels floating lazily on a sea of puffy clouds, some playing instruments in the nude) which  to people who are actively suffering and reaping abuse)  seems superfluous and even possibly painful…. No, this man was wondering what for him, lay beyond.
> This boy , Carlos’s son,  had actually gotten placed in a different group than his dad, (it is common practice with coyotes  to know in advance that  they are going to place certain people  in a ‘bait group ‘or a ‘diversion group’ and usually they use the older people or weaker individuals for this purpose. )  Carlos is a very old version of 65 and thus an easy target for mistreatment by hid fellow man.
> The sad part is that even knowing this is a very real possibility, ( being used and abused) people will continue to pay coyotes and try, time and time again,  to cross illegally ….nevermind  horrifically daunting obstacles, because the allure of the American Dream is so strong.
> >> So , his son, a 12 year old boy, DID make it across ; all the way in to the USA,  to the rondevoux point in L.A.. . Upon finding that his father did not succeed,  he panicked , THANKFULLY escaped his ‘guides’, and returned to distant relatives in Maneadero,  where,  as the Lord would have it,  he was was reunited with his father eventually.
> >> So,  all of this,  plus the broken and now infected leg had put them in a place of such humility,such a  state that their hearts were opened to the idea that “some god” (Carlos’s words)   was at work….FRANK  explained it was the Great I AM.
> >> For a guy who has been through such a bitter experience, Carlos holds absolutely no bitterness against anyone! (and this humble acceptance of failure I find as a common denominator smong the Indians here )
> The Lord told him, thru Frank, that this attitude of humility,(not acceptance), is going to cause a huge blessing to come upon his entire family in addition to being healed. It was magnificent to see and hear. Yahweh is great. I was so amazed to find Carlos  touched that we,  being strangers expecting no return would GIVE him food and care… was so heartbreaking to be appreciated so much….I dont know if I can get across how happy  and at the same turn broken,  i felt, being in the presence of this man’s gratitude….its has had  me weeping on and off all day.
> >> And not that God caused any of these bad things to happen to the man, for He did not,  but it was a great showing of the Lord working all these things together for the Good, you know?
> I mean he COULD have died alone in the desert. He COULD have been separated from his son forever,  and likewise his son could of fallen into yhe hands of every type of evil awaiying the innocent in Los Angeles, alone. The coyotes could have killed the son to make an example of what happens when families don’t or can’t pay the extravagant fees that they charge. Apny number of  horrible alter- endings could have come to pass……
> But even as horrifying as the situation was,  Yahweh was mercifully working every  circumstance together for His Good. And ours. He remains Ever Faithful,  Ever Loving, no matter how grave our circumstances appear,  He will work it all out for our good,  At times we just need to rest in Him and allow that.
> love and blessings,  sis dee
> coyotes-
> ** people who make their livelihood charging huge sumd of cash to guide other individuals across the Mexico/ USA Border. Their services are wildly illegal and their motivation is greed.  They are unequivocally dangerous and not to be trifled with & are usually affiliated with drug cartels.

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