They Way the Mission Field Realy Is

Haven’t written because of craziness here . Frank had put me on bed rest yesterday morning. ……  my mission: to nestle myself in the Word, get up for nothing, receive my healing, and cease this huge loss of blood.
But there was a slight interruption. Like when the satellite gets hinky due to wind or rain …..”your signal has been interrupted, try again later.”  Its been a rather crazy two days.
We have had two visits. One from the nurse in Utah and she brought a big big group of people from a Long Beach church with her. They were really touched by the daily goings on here. They came to *help* feed. It was weird I didnt tell anybody they were coming and we’ve been having like 27 kids per meal but that day 60 people showed for lunch.  The group was awed by the way the Lord extended the food as was I. Then the visitors set about helping clean up and having fun meeting our kids AND PLAYING with them……..
It was good for them to see how the people just come walking up the hill because they WANT to …..they said they have not been exposed to any ministry where the pastors were neighbors to the people they minister to. One girl felt like she *was in another world far from the USA* , most of them had come prepared to speak Spanish and were  really shocked when they found out that our people didn’t speak it. That was funny and a bit humbling for them I think .

All in all it was good to make contact with new people. Theodoras faith was built when she asked Frank’s permission to offer her handmade jewelry for sale and the Americans bought all of it.  Although i did have to step in and set prices. She was too shy and when i said , *give her whatever the Lord lays on your heart…*   there was an immediate problem – i should  have known better!  They were  offering her way too little for beadwork. Truly, for a split second i felt embarrassed to be white- come on,  3 quarters for a bracelet that an idjit could tell took 3 hours to make??  I could understand if they were paying in Mexican money , the conversion rate can be confusing. But this was just being cheap.    Some people backed out when I said 2 bucks for the bracelets and 5 for the necklaces. …..but praise Jesus she ended up selling all of her goods. She told me afterwards , that she had   been praying for money for her sons backpack and school supplies & having this happen really bumped up her Faith. Its fun to witness new believers being blessed so in a form so tangible. Anyway out of the rabbit hole and back to the path……….
They stayed several hours until all of the kids trickled home. I was peopled out.
So imagine my surprise when while snuggling into my nest with some cold coco water my old amplified Friend and a desire to get that healing i hear a commotion. I arose from the bed to see what was the matter and what did i see to my irritation but four  14 passenger vans  full of easily identified bright eyed and bushy tailed short term missionary types. When the dust settled, without further adieu these hipster surfy looking young church people start to debark. They p appear to have suffered some type of *pre-mission-religious- briefing* because they immediately huddle up in a circle and speak to their higher power.      This is the middle of our daily meal and the kids that are eating outside (big crowd again today)  start to tslk amongst themselves excitedly.  I start putting on my shoes, thinking they are lost but don’t know it. I think they were supposed to go somewhere else (koreans enter my mind) but hey they are now in our yard nowpq and walking up the stone stairs. Alls fair in love and short term missionary relations.  They were from Santa Barbara. Anyway, they showed up, as I said as we were finishing feeding, things were wrapping up here… the women heading out to gather wood for the evenings fire and the kids needing to tote their water home……..but some of the children stayed and the visitors blessed the kids with some balls and games to play and that was really nice and appreciated…..but the kids were tired from the day before and generally went home pretty quickly. One funny thing happened immediately….lemme set the stage:  first there  is a Trique fellow about 21 years old who recently sold his sister (in a good way you know the traditional arranged marriages they practice) anyhow he came into all this money ($60, 000 pesos like $5, 000 dollars split between him & his 6 brothers ) but right now he’s living large and he has been drunk as a skunk for days. … me & Frank spotted  him Sunday,  running,  literally running, in 90 degree high noon sun. Upon asking him where he was headed he says to the liquor store in Cantu- but he wad running in the  wrong direction down the dirt road . So Frank suggests to him to buy beer instead of more hard stuff and drops him off back at home where he’ll be safe. So as I said the guy has been ten sheets to the wind for days but he likes Frank because he gave him a ride and my pozole must soothe his aching liver so he’s been coming to eat this week. He’s harmless really. Oh and his name is Jesus. So add to the mix this one very tall (think Debbie) tall blond woman,  a septagenarian,I think . She is like one of the leaders of this group and she immediately starts showing off her abysmally mutilated Spanish version of *Jesus loves you, brother* topped off with a hug which if she’s at least 6 ft tall and your a 4 ft tall Oaxacan man that places your head squarely between a perilously pendulous pair of sweaty breasts. SEE WHERE WE’RE HEADED HERE? Hang on, as alas there is more.
*Jesus loves you brother is said like this- *Jesus te quiere hermano.*
This Amazon woman thinks she is saying that but in fact she is saying this *Jesus YO quiero, Hermano.* which unbeknownst to her means to him…..*Jesus I WANT you brother* , now mix that with the big tittiehug and the alcohol fogging his brain and the fact that she somehow knows his name and WANTS him and is openly professing it in an alarmingly shrill voice punctuated each time by her wagging a huge blond mess of hair over his face and you can pretty well see things go downhill real fast.
Lemme put it like this. Remember when Joy Paybody insisted on laying hands upon that 80 year old naked demon filled man holding a pick axe??
Similar outcome.  Frank had to intervene. The poor little indian guy will be afraid of old blond Christian women for likely the remainder of his life. But hey just another day at the Red Pony Pacific Division.
So by now the pastor and his wife are huddled near the chicken coop in the futile effort of making their cell phone get a signal.

With little Jesus safely escorted back to the cuarteria by Theos husband …..and everyone slightly shaken up by the blond chicks bonejarring snuffles of indignation back by the vans… boils down to all of these strangers kind of stuck with me and Frank.
They started asking about how we came here and how we existed. The pastor I think was suspecting by now maybe he made a wrong turn somewhere on the map ,but couldn’t extricate himself gracefully so he just went with it.
I took every opportunity I had to be welcoming and to share the stories of faith that the Lord’s given us in our journey thus far in life.  They had come to teach and evangelize they thought but suddenly the Lord turned their world on end and the anointing was becoming palpable.  Its been a while since I had that feeling……like I was standing next to myself wondering gee what will i/she say next?? Like I was just listening to Jesus talk along with every body else. Maybe that’s how you feel when you get in IT, too? All I know is I started out pretty much testifying and wound up being a vessel for a type of Q&A with Jesus. So,  I’m talking to a fairly big crowd…..28 college kids, with their pastor and his wife and about 10 teenagers. at first,  just about random things and for whatever reason I said something about the new pope and Catholicism.  I shared my views on the new pope (which must be shocking according to the reactions I saw, THE pastor was turning that telltale shade between purple and green indicating to me that he now knew for SURE he should have turned left not right) but I   was just trying to make it clear that I love everybody in general. …when one guy  challenged me. SO YOU THINK CATHOLICS ARE SAVED? IS THAT WHAT YOUR SAYING? (now this was weird because I had had an almost identical conversation with a girl the day prior.) But the Lord just really spoke through me and enabled me to teach on Yahweh’s Grace and how much Jesus wants us to love each other. and did they understand,  but really get it , just how much Yahweh really loves us and how little really he wants back…I was really wound up good and preaching at this point it was really good what I recall of it. When I looked out next (like i say i was in and out ..weird but i think u get it) the same guy had big tears rolling down his face. He says,  *So  are you saying maybe my Dad is not in Hell? He died a Catholic. And and my grandma whose a Catholic can go to heaven??*
The bunch got so silent. The Pastor was pulling at his nose in a really painful fashion,  but everybody else was still. In this moment I saw this young man as Jesus does and I got to love him literally AS Jesus…
He was hurting so bad and it hurt me. I asked him if his dad believed in Jesus and did his grandma believe in Jesus ? Did they believe that He is the resurrected Son of Almighty God? Yes, but what about……this and that…I asked him the same question. Yes he said. But he was full out crying now. Then i said it, but really it was Him saying it. Yes. Your daddy is NOT IN HELL. This is not about heaven and hell. He was standing right in front of me by now. ,in front of every body else. I lifted my hand up to put it on his head,  i think I was going to pray for him and before i could touch him he flew back and I don’t know from where but Frank appeared and caught the guy before he hit the dirt. I was then instantly drunk I mean officially inebriated in the anointing and ready for more…  but then I was talking about Resurrection Life and it was something I could tell by their faces, they had absolutely never heard. The Lord really explained what He had come and died for ……then the next thing you know i was asking who in the group wanted To ask Jesus be their King? (Remember these are all church people enough to go on a mission trip so one would assume they are already sure of their position in Christ.).but  that was the question and font you know that. just short of everybody like 35 of them surged towards me!
At that point, it was, as they say, ON. I went down the line and every single one, UR, was laid out before I could make contact with them. I never touched them and the Power was so great I had to make an effort to keep MYSELF upright. We were outside under the balcony okay,  but this warm wind with an incredibly sweet smell THAT I HAVE NEVER SMELLED  just tunneled over us and hung there for a minute or two. It was supernatural. And the scene brfore me was nothing short of something you would see on tv With Benny Hinn back in the nineties. The only other time I’ve ever personally witnessed that many people melt like that,  was in the prison here. They were like butter in a microwave. Wild pretty much sums it up.
Eventually, people started helping each other up . Some just sat in the dirt and wept. A couple of guys walked over by the chicken coop and layed down. Others just wandered about with no apparent destination.  Me and Frank went upstairs and sat on the balcony. Suddenly i was tired. Exhilarated but tired. I guess an hour passed before their pastor got them all rounded up again and told them it was time to go. He did the parting circular Calvary Chapel prayer,  and just like that they were gone .
Yahweh is good. That’s the bottom line. Hope you are equally as amazed as I.  I for one remain glad I signed on for the duration……..
Love yall,

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