Baja Report

Everybody looks great. . I have had my
share of battles this past week although looking back everything has
been going so well….
We had Meeting  today…(yesterday the  Korean neighbors had a party
and gave away new Nikes. Think I’ll go next time  cause I need tennis
shoes.) Anyway we had our meeting today and ate a pot of menudo and it
was great. The women you met while here are really open to prayer and
to even pray and we had a good crowd of  7  women we knew plus 4 new
ones and  about 40 kids……
It was a blessing. We ate and then while two ladies cleaned up I
taught  again on confession and walking by what we KNOW  not what we
can see………..they are surprisingly open to the concept which is
great for them.
We gave away staples after and got the biggest blessing! We have been
invited to a  evidently prestigious wedding  in March in Colonia
Eliano Zapata, down by San Quintin. It is the joining of Theodora’s
huge family with another huge Mixtec family and is the sole reason
Theodora’s clan returned up here……to work the  fields to pay for
this big event, the purchase of Apollonia the next sister in law to
be……………………….reportedly it is costing over $22,000 US
dollars and will result in the two largest living Mixtec clans  being
joined. People are to come from everywhere, the States and Mexico and
we are the only “Espanoles” (white people basically) invited…….we
have prayed and decided we WILL be going. It is a great honor and we
are excited to see this happen………more details to come.
After eating and Meeting today we took La Suegra to town. She  paid
for the gasoline! She is starting her own business selling tamales ,
sodas and candies in the Cuarteria to raise funds for the coming
I showed her all of my bargain spots and she was quite happy to  shop
in them………..
Its been a long but great day. The Lord is once again about Kingdom
business opening doors we could never affect……………..
Blessings to you all,
SDDSC_0169-001 - Copy


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