Baja News

I don’t know if you recall that some of Mario’s sisters and younger
siblings, including Flo, went back to Oxa. months back, leaving here
the eldest son Domingo and the parents and grandmother and assorted
uncles and extended family. You know how they travel back and forth
Well, three weeks ago, on a Saturday afternoon, we saw Domingo the
eldest awaiting the blue microbus in Maneadero and stopped to give
him a ride home. We talked with him, and I had a worship cd playing in
the truck. When we dropped him off he asked me if I could burn the cd
for him. I took it out of the stereo and gave it to him, he was so
happy. You’d of thought I gave him a new car or something quite big.
We said goodbye and hadn’t seen him since…………………….
Today, our neighbor Juanita who actually lives closer to them down
there arrived at 6am with the news that Domingo is dead. He dies at
2am this morning the same time of night that Mario passed in the same
His father awoke to him having convulsions and he never regained
consciousness. He was 19 years old.
Frank is currently doing what he can to get things prepared for the
release of the body, most likely his “velorio” (the 3 day period
where everyone stays with the body will be at the building. We are not
sure yet.)
In this case the State Police were called in and an all out
investigation is underway into the cause of death. Two young people
dying in the same basic manner in the same home have stirred up the
It is pretty shocking. So young and we have seen so many people taken
out this past 2 years.
He was water baptized and confessed Christ as King, but through all
that the parents have seen the Lord do, the mother has never confessed
Christ as Lord. Their is such a stronghold of witchcraft about her and
now I am learning of some challenges these people face when offered
ONLY a traditional religious approach to the Kingdom. There is no
way Domingo would have EVER come into a Traditional Church setting. He
heard the Gsopel when he visited us on Saturday evenings and on the
days we took him and others to the beach last year.
It is a sad thing, but on the other hand this could be turned for
good if it brings people to the Lord.
I don’t know what else to say but that it is just shocking to see how
fragile our time here can be. And to feel really , really grateful
that I don’t have any problem believing. Like the Kate Miner song,
“Blessed are we, for we believe.”
So many people have trouble because they “rationalize” so much.
Blessed am I because I’ve never had a doubt that He is for real.

Also, almost all of Mexico is under water. It is horrible to see what
is happening all over with the storms and they are saying that it
could even reach Baja Norte. We are taking authority over it, in
Jesus Name.

I am still working on my writing. It is like fire in my bones to get
it out. So if I am out of contact for a day or two it’ll be one of the
above things (not the water , in Jesus Name) that have us occupied

Thought you’d want to know and pray that the Lord draws His People in
thru what could be seen as tragedy…………….

Love and blessings ,

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