Yahweh in Baja


Today we had a big Bible Study, 12 kids upstairs . Frank taught in
Spanish ………Behold the nailed Hand behold Salvation. Children age
10 to 13 were making notes in the Bibles I keep for them here and
highlighting like crazy……………..(got a donation of 500 red
highlighter pens)…
Little Tweety Bird, even Flo and Aquilino were writing in the margins
and repeating until they knew by memoru what Yhwh means!

It was the most awesome powerful “study” I have ever been in. I mean,
come on………..how many kids of that age would even come straight
from school to study MORE?
With all of their homework from government school yet to do??

Sorry, but thinking of myself at that age and mentality, I cannot
think of even one solitary child .

They are apt to learn and so hungry and Frank wants me to thank YOU
for sending the message you preached, “A Son is Given” ,the “What’s
in a Name” article and the Saint Patrick’s prayer revised………he
is almost possessed with getting it translated to Spanish but well on
his way to being able to now EXPLAIN why we call the Father Yahweh.

Today, he had another dr appointment. On the way home I stopped for
groceries it was after dark about 6:30……………in the parking
lot I found him explaining to 3 parking attendants all very elsderly
men who work only for the tips they get loading your groceries or
helping you with their handy whistles to back out of a small parking
space in a huge EXCURSION. (seems like 10 feet longer than my ole
suburban)…………..and I must mention this was at WALMART, which
allows 75 year old men to work as parking attendants for meager
“tips” of maybe 40 pesos a day. Like 3 bucks from the PRIVILEDGE of
standing in Big Sam’s parking lot. God forgive that.
Anyway, yeah Frank was preaching out the window of the truck while
waiting for me, preaching avbout the Name of
God………………….our God. And this on a VERY important night,
the Day of the Virgen de Guadelupe, a huge day, sadly bigger than
Christmas here, that celebrates the 1st sighting by Juan Diego of the
Virgin Morena ( which mean the dark virgin or indigenous virgen, or
MEXICAN virgen) ……………….huge parades yesterday tonite and
ending tomorrow in her honor, while the Son of Yahweh, gets but one
night in His Honor, Noche Buena, the 24th which is the almost equilent
of the 25th for us Americans.
BUT, putting all of that different culture aside I have to thank
Yahweh and BEHOLD THE HAND BEHOLD . Salvation. Frank really got a lot
from the last things you have sent and soo have I. AND I can GUARANTEE
that NOONE in the 50 mile radius of Ensenada is teaching children what
is in our God Yahweh’s Name.
This was so awesome. Through his pain Frank can’t stop talking about
Yahweh. Seeing thos elderly men raptly attentive to what Frank was
saying in cold drizzly weather, took my breath away. I was hungry and
wanted to go home in the check out line but walking out and seeing
this scene, put the kibosh on my hunger.
One man was 78 and got stuck here from Nicaruaga, h is trying to get
money to get home. One was from Chile , same story, couldn’t cross the
Border wanting to be home. The last was 68 and crippled and from
Ensenada……………………we ended up taking them all for tacos,
the adobada ones ya’ll like, but right by the grocery. It was
obvious by the pungent body smell in the truck that the 3 were
sleeping in the same parking lot were they work, with no shower or
decent facilities. I imagined for a second being so elderly and so
ALONE. And couldn’t keep my focus on it it hurt so bad.
I dumped my purse of change and wescrounged the ashtray and soda
holder and blessed them as much as we could by faith and by the grace
of the Lord.
It was a great day. So many seeds Eternal ones were planted. Let us
pray some one will water and tend these Precious Seeds of the Word of
Life. Join us in praying that those 2 men can get home to their
families. In Yeshua’s Name,
Love and many thanks for continuing to give us this great gift of
wisdom and teaching. We love you,
Detra and Frank

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