Blessings in Baja

Thanks 4 message & pics……………….I really rejoiced with pics and will hear message on way to TJ manana. we have to pick up beans and rice,hallelujah.
The pics , amaze Frank. He is convinced EE is meme. Compliment for me so hay I’ll take it! Now this mourning me and Frank struggled and fought to get to Meeting. I mean screamed and fought. Then we got a grip and now know why!!
Great day today. Had oodles of folks , 40 or so al told. It was much fun. Then we went to dinner with some head honchos of Northern Baja Lions Club.. Again my DR set it up………………………….but I felt good and comfortable. FRANK THRIVED, PREACHED AND LED MY doctprs BROTHER AND HIS WIFE TO THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In front of 15 atheists. Doc Norma was flabbergasted.
I want to thank all at HOF who have given so much to us to make moments like today’s possible………….
They always amaze me how so few humble folks come up with finances that enable us to continue. It is CRAZY! But it is like ya’ll too………………..just a few faithful, humble people who hear from the Lord and are obedient. I brag on ya’ll all the time, too. Some of the ministries round here the same size or smaller than us will ask us HOW we make it work?? Where the money comes from?? When I tell them well a little bitty Church in Mississippi supports the Work, they are floored. They do not get it………………..BUT it gives me an opening to teach on faith to folks who do not even know they are being taught!!! Ha.
So thank you all, every one Frank and I pray daily at least once a day, that the Lord will multiply every gift, open the windows of heaven and award ya’ll with every right that is due the giver…………………read Malachi and that is what we ask. That the Lord become your advocate, that He judge those who come against you, that He protect you from witches and adulterers………..well here it is so you mustn’t look it up!
“And I will come near you for judgement, I will be a swift witness against sorcerers, against adulterers and against perjurers,against those who exploit wage-earners and widows and orphans.
And against those who turn away an alien because they do not fear me , says the Lord of Hosts.
For I am the Lord, I do not change, therefore you are not consumed, O sons of Jacob.”
Malachi 3:5-6

Thank you and blessings We love ya’ll abundantly, Yahweh is doing new things here, thanks for being a part of it!

chips and salsa!

Pastor Frank Sister Detra


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