It was a great big day today at the Mission.

It was a great big day today at the Mission.
We fed 35 people to START today, and as THEY WERE leaving people
literally started walking out of the weeds. It was wild. Aquilino said
, “Sister, More Mixtecos are coming!” I looked once and saw just 3
more people walking up the dirt road. Then I looked 2 minutes later,
and there were 28 more women and children coming up! Out of the WEEDS…it was alittle weird… Field of Dreams stuff.
I knew we had a LITTLE left over, not nearly enough to feed that many
more plates. I almost told Frank to tell them “Sorry, but ya’ll are
too late…..”
Then I felt a conviction, “YOU HAVE NOT BECAUSE YOU ASK NOT>>>>>”
I prayed. Altogether, the Lord LITERALLY made a quarter pot of SOUP
and RICE turn to a 3/4’s FULL pot……and I was upstairs praying for the pot downstairs, just couldn’t bear to turn those people away……….I know it sounds
really crazy. But this happened in a timespan of 2 minutes!! We were
able to feed an extra 37 people making for about 65 BIG plates served today!!! (I serve smaller bowls to the tiny ones) And i am talking everyone got chicken, corn, hominy, potatos and carrots plus rice and watermelon.

Have you ever seen ONE watermelon capable of feeding that many people??? I have not but it happened.

Praise Jesus! I wish ya’ll would’ve been here. It was one of THOSE
moments! Like living in the Book of Acts. Truly. They even took home
extra plates!!

God is good. Thank you for your love in Christ. it is great to be part
of such a family……..

Sis D

PS- We saw about 21 new people , mostly Mixtecs today, which is why
they were late. WE were about to START them OFF here with kilos of RICE, BEANS, MILK , OATMEAL , washing soap and a dozen eggs………they are just getting of the “Costa de Oro” the bus line from
Oaxaca. Exciting for us and a blessing for them to get a PUSH from Yahweh!

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