Baja January Report

Dearest Uncle Richard and Church Family,

I pray this finds you all well and keeping warm! It has been cold here, but nothing compared to ya’ll’s snow……………….(actually today it warmed up to about 78 degrees surprising us into short sleeves!)
I just finished fixing Frank a big bowl of Chicken soup. And just that. Plain old chicken boiled in water with an onion. Man, I’d forgotten how good a base just some simple chicken caldo makes!
Although we had unseasonably warm weather today, we came home at 4pm , from the beach rather cold. Cold, but praising the Lord!!
As you know, last week we attended to a family who suddenly lost their 17 year old son, brother, uncle, cousin to a car accident. Actually the young man was hit by a car here in Maneadero in the early afternoon. No one was drunk or sleepy, really it appears not to be anyone’s fault, however two families wee, in an instant, destroyed. The elderly gentleman who hit Marcos apparently wandered around the accident site, mumbling to himself and asking who’s dog he had hit. The elderly fellow was obviously in the throes of dementia or Alzhiemer’s or something. Sadly, he had no insurance and was arrested on-site, taken to jail to await the judges a valuation of the life he had inadvertently taken……………… sad. Our last word was that he was still in jail waiting for his family to collect $60,000 DOLLARS, which is what he must pay under Napoleonic law here, to “make up for the life he took.”
But back to our day here. We returned at about 4 pm COLD FROM THE BEACH. From the service or funeral for the young man that was killed last week, 8 persons committed their lives to the Kingship of Jesus Christ and showed up to be BAPTIZED in water today! What a victorious time we had today. It seemed ever the more sweet as it followed upon the heels of the death of such a young person which is so difficult to take and understand. Even more difficult to attempt to explain. However at the service , Pastor Frank spoke of the promise bodily Resurrection and of how anyone could be SURE to partake in that wonderful thing. He even went into the importance of water baptsim at the memorial. At the time my innards screamed- and of course I thought in my tired flesh, “He is going TOO far! Too much at one time!” How wrong I was, a one by one and two by two, persons who had attended the service have showed up at the Church Building this week , all asking for baptism!!
Praise Jesus! These were people totally unknown to us before the accident, people who basically just walked in off the street looking for life in a situation where it seemed that death was reigning.
We have also returned to feeding an average of 51 people this week for our daily lunch. On top of that I do about 15 breakfasts every morning. We are thanking Yahweh for providing the extra funding to keep that feeding program going, a few weeks we really didn’t know if it would continue or not. The feeding ministry alone costs about $650-700 dollars a WEEK……………… it works out to a couple of dollars per meal served. It is a lot of money and a lot of work. BUT in this week as I have repeatedly watched new families walk up to 2 miles to eat their only meal for the day, then after eating I very often watch as they surreptitiously tuck their scraps and leftovers into a coat pocket lined in preparation with a plastic bag. I realize it is worth it, physically and spiritually as when people come to us hungry they NEVER EVER go away with just a pat on the back and and a “God Bless You , Brother.” We see and live the feeding program as we do the preaching of the Gospel and the Drinking Water Ministries, EXTENSIONS OF THE KINGDOM OF THE LIVING RULING KING, Yahweh’s Son JESUS CHRIST.
In a time where dead religion runs rampant thru Mexico and the world it is important to us that we walk the talk and SHOW the lost what Jesus would do for them.
It is not a focus on works for us, (because we know that the Lord will care for His people no matter what they DO…………………….. but it is a work of GRATITUDE. We are so thankful for a;ll that the Lord has done in our lives , that we can’t see living any other life but one that shows the LOVE of Jesus in our very being………………………..Yahweh has been so Good as to call us out of darkness into His marvelous light! And you all at Harvest of Faith, over the years have been so good as to keep us in prayer and to bless us with your finances, enabling us to bless these precious people!
As we enter a New Year, we just wanted to say thank you and to let you all know how dear in our hearts that we hold you…………………
Much love and many many blessings as we enter this New and Prosperous Year,
In Jesus’ Name,
Detra and Francisco

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