Report for July

Dear Ones,

Wow. Even after many years of living sheerly by faith in Yahweh’s provision I am always left breathless when I find that He has come through yet again. He is truly Our Faithful One much deserving of all praise and honor.
We seem to be at that stage in owning a vehicle when it seems that everything breaks down and so the truck will be going to the shop yet again…………
Today I had to go into Ensenada and so made that long bumpy ride down the mountain headed for the grocery store. In the parking lot I ran into a doctor I know. She has treated me for my bladder problems ever since we arrived here in Mexico. She treated me in times when I was in such excruciating and horrible pain that I even contemplated taking my own life. Pain can be a powerful motivator and it is something that I have really struggled with since I was about 12 years old. That was the year I had the first surgery on my bladder and itt was the beginning of a long and very frustrating journey to get relief from such excruciating pain. I would suffer for months on end and then sometimes it would seem I had recieved healing, and then for apparently no reason this would come back. Sometimes the remission of pain would follow some surgery or experimental procedure they tried on me , but then always it would return. They tried all kinds of stuff. Tried stretching by bladder with instilations of huge amounts of water, made me undergo instillations of foul substances like silver nitrate and DMSO… general was just very very miserable. I remember at one time, in the midst of a really bad fit of pain asking the Lord (and not in a nice way) “WHY? Why God do I have to suffer like this?” I said it with a bad attitude and I even said it out loud, in front of Francisco. I remember he was appalled at my irreverence, and when the pain finally subsided I was so ashamed of myself. At the same time I didn’t get an answer from the Lord and that silence has frustrated me a lot. I just have never understood why I suffer with this problem, if maybe I did something to bring it on, or my fail is just too weak………It was just a question that no one seemed to answer.
In talking with this Doctor today, I learned that she had recently been in for a very minor surgical procedure herself and that while in the hospital she got a staph infection which she almost died from. the infection did so much damage that to make a long story short she now has to use a colostomy bag and no longer has control over her bodily functions. She is only 43. Then she told me that last month her 21 year old daughter had committed suicide.
Geez. I was shocked into silence. it was one of those social moments where you just cannot say the correct thing. No platitude from me would console her. I hugged her though and as I did she said to me, “I know that God brought you here today because I’ve been wanting to THANK you.” I really could not see why she would want to thank me as I haven’t done a thing for her. She proceeded to thank me for telling her about the Lord years ago,(she converted from Catholicism several years back) and for maintaining a testimony of Him even in the midst of the infirmity I suffered. She said that if she had not known the Lord before all of this happened in her life that she could not have made it through and she was so grateful that I had been able to lead her to Jesus.
I went away from her with a lot to think about. For one thing I finally got that answer from the Lord. Maybe this seems simple, but I can now see that if I had never suffered I would never had seen this doctor and would never have had an opportunity to be a witness of the Lord even under duress. Now this doesnt totally explain the whys and wherefores but it does make me understand why we should be able to rejoice like Paul, in every circumstances the picture is very big and we can never see the whole thing but we can be sure that the Lord does.
Meeting was great yesterday. We celebrated Ernesto’s sister’s bday (15th) with good Oaxacan food & cake. The fellowship was great really. I so appreciate these people who seemto find such pleasure in the simplest things in life. They are different in that they are humble and quiet andI have come to a place in knowing them where a lot of words aren’t necessary but we can just be happy in each other’s presence without even a need for much conversation or explanation. I find my self actually feeling rested after spending time with them and you know that is unusual for me. I believe I have found my place, or at least am learning to be content in my place!
The plans for taking Mario South to see the surgeon are final and we will definitely be going down with Shebly’s. This is a great burden lifted, praise the Lord. Please remember to keep him and Dr Eames in prayer though as the day swiftly approaches.
So many many thanks to everyone who has given to our support. The ministry continues to thrive and is making a place as the one Church ewhere the indian people here can go to recieve teaching, food, medical help and LOVE.Our Church is the place where many Indian families come first when they get off the buses from the South because they know that we won’t just pat them on the shoulder and say “Hey Brother, go and be blessed.” They have heard that we will actually feed them and clothe them and advocate for them where necessary and I believe this is a good expression of the Kingdom of Jesus!
However, without your support of us, we could not do it. We recognize your generosity and your sacrifice and keep you lifted up in prayer that the Lord bless you in abundance!

Much love,
Sister detra and Bro Francisco
Baja California N. \Mexico


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