Baja Rain

Belated felicidades o the new addition to your! Please relay our congrats to Anna………As you can tell I am back online…..thanks to Yahweh for somehow protecting the satellite which was literally hanging from a wire on Saturday morning when the rains stopped at last. Today, my upstairs neighbor (Nacho age 14) and I actually managed to repoint the thing ourselves!! Another miracle for real. I was able to get the coordinates from the back of the modem and Nacho being highly motivated(I learned he is the one piggybacking on my internet) climbed upon the roof and put the skills he learned working for directtv last summer to work. A couple of hours of screaming back and forth and we have it back on line. Glad I never reported it as being messed up or I guess I could not have done this.
Anyway, we are digging out and in the process of drying out from what turned out to be some severe weather.
We are on our 6th day of not being able to get off the mountain in a vehicle.. The back way, by Jr. Burger looks like the grand canyon and is totally impassable still and the main dirt road is still underwater. There is literally no way out other than afoot.
Wednesday about 1am a terrible ripping sound startled us from an already light sleep and we found that the southwestern corner of the roof has been totally lifted off by the winds……………….water prloceeded to pour in to the back half of the house as we frantically tried to salvage those beds and others furnishings, still we had really bad damage to the drywall as the water just kept coming down………… was really awful and sad and I really had to fight myself not to cry and just give up……………….BUT the next morning in the wind and rain Frank was able to make emergency repairs and STOP the incoming water. I really still do not see how he got it done, I mean we literally had this huge hole in the roof, but using what materials we had he was able to temporarily patch it up and stop the water. It was Saturday before the rain stopped and we were able to haul out the wet rugs and bucket after bucket of nasty water -lost lots of
books , pictures and paper stuff and will have to replace sheet rock, insulation, the roof and of course paint eventuallyBUT really we are praising the Lord. Thru it all we still had a dry place to sleep and that is much more than many around here who are really suffering………..Baja’s mild weather makes us so complacent and no one is ever ready fr anything like this…………….plus so many people build their shacks on unstable ground or in riverbeds because that land is undesireable and thus FREE and when the rains come they bring disasters for these folks. We have not had anyone show up seeking shelter though due to the difficulty getting up here I assume.
The balcony railing got shredded and the view is now unimpeded as I told you on the phone!! Frank woln’t rebuild it so high.
This has all really made me feel for thse who were so impacted by Katrina…………….they truly had it bad and I can’t help but thank God that we got olff so easily even with the damage that we did sustain, could have been so much worse!! Honestly though when I saw the ceiling falling in by illumination of a flashlight, I was SO afraid, depressed, panicked………….truly though after the storm comes a great peace and in the light things did not appear so scary and impossible.
It is supposed to rain again starting Thursday, we pray not for long………I am planning n reopening the dining room tomorrow as now it is up to frank to start the big repairs, once it gets dried out that is..
I am enclosing various pics of the Christmas festivities finally………..
Much love-

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