Baja Christmas Report

Hey. Well here I am thoroughly worn out yet unable to wind down totally. Thought I was use this last energy to let you know how things went today.
Today was our Fifth Annual Gigantic Christmas Fiesta in the Brechas del Mirador Church Building. I know I say this all of the time and I hope ya’ll never get bored of hearing it, but once again I stand in awe of the goodness of Yahweh!
Everything went just wonderfully and a joyous time was had for all but mostly by all of the little ones to whom the party was directed. We started at about 9am with two of those big bouncy houses for the kids to jump in. Then we were blessed by a visit from a Mexican drama team who presented the Christmas Story in Spanish and Mixteco alto which was very awesome. Frank led all of the children in a prayer of thanksgiving and worship and I was not the only one with tears on my cheeks. “Our kids” , the ones from the work camp by the mission home were just so attentive and prayed loudly and just generally showed out the rest of the supposedly more “sophisticated” children in attendance, I was so proud of how much they have learned.
THEN we proceeded to dserve lunch to some 172 people!!!! This in itself was truly miraculous. We had been expecting and prepared for 150 and I thought that we had overestimated but no……..
We rounded off the day with games and 4 piñatas. Every one received a new toy. Last Friday we had still received not even one donation and were planning on just giving out candy bags and chicharrones. BUT, on Monday two guys from the Sacramento area who came to work on the classroom roof showed up with literally one truckload of brand new toys and Tuesday a church from Arizona brought down 24 shoeboxes stuffed with new toys, clothes and candies. We are awed and overwhelmed again at the generosity and thoughtfulness of my fellow countrymen-Americans. So much thought obviously went into these gifts that I just can’t get over it-makes me glad to be able to say I am an American really. So from two sources otherwise totally unknown to me before this week the Lord made awesome Provision flow. EVERY child received a toy and candy bag and more PLUS when it was all over we were able to send down the remnant of gifts (about 40 all together) and candy bags to
Harvest of Faith Mission Maneadero which is the other little church we are covering. We were also able to bless them with three stuffed piñatas for their Christmas Cantata which is tomorrow night! The young Pastor and his wife were just so shocked and excited to get this blessing, I think it was beyond their wildest expectations and a real faith booster for them. I am so happy to know that all of the fun and blessings of today will also be repeated at that church tomorrow……..hopefully another 40 or so people will experience the Kingdom through their event and know how the Lord loves them!
So, again I am in awe. We had plenty of help, the Church really came through (both of them) and the whole thing was actually almost flawless-praise the LORD.
It was a lot of work preparing for it, but definitely worth it as i watched the children’s big eyes as they received over and over and over again today, it was just so sweet.
Can’t help but keep thanking the Lord for enabling us to give so much away. It is just so much fun to give stuff away you know and to be able to touch the lives of children (and mothers) whose lives are so hard so difficult makes me so darn satisfied……..
We have come a long way in the 12 years since we arrived in this country with literally nothing, imagine to go from barely being able to get enough to eat ourselves to being in a place where the Lord funnels through us a Christmas blessing to 170 people? It’s awesome and it is all God and we just thank Him for the chance to be His Hands and his Mouth today.
Thank so much to everyone back there who keep us in operation with their financial gifts. This blessing is every bit as much yours as it is ours!
Much Love and Merry Christmas-
Detra and Francisco

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