Baja Report December

Dear Ones,

Hope this finds ya’ll snuggled up, keeping warm………………..

We are resting up a little from some rather big doings. As you know weather in Baja is either gorgeous or a non-issue for the most part , but El Nino visited us on Monday and things are still a mess! The rain came down in a constant whirlwind for literally hours, knocking down power poles (7 on the dirt road alone!) leaving hot wires strewn across it and effectively knocking out incoming vehicular traffic till yesterday afternoon. Frank had to leave the truck at the bottom overnight as the other road up was washed out totally. The wind blew the roof clean off of Frank’s generator shed, water came in and that night we were without electricity totally. Much f the sandpaper on our roof(house) came off in small pieces and it must be replaced before more rains come and fall directly onto the wood of the subroof. We need to believe Yahweh for about 24 rolls of that darn paper. Remember Walter??(the cabbage pastor) well, the entire roof blew off of his
building and into the highway…………Frank and Marcial spent the last 24 hours moving their stuff out of what is left of their building.
I went into t Ensenada to get supplies today and had a harrowing experience. I was stopped by the State Police (coming home) who were doing “random” stops to check for drugs, guns and fugitives. It scared the hell out of me. My hands are literally still not so steady. I was stopped by a truck full of 8 cops in riot gear wearing their ski masks (why? I do not know.) They were not nice at all, not friendly, not chatty. They had me step onto the side of the road (main road in Maneadero) lean up against their truck and they proceeded to frisk me with my hands over my head- they put their hands inside the waistband of my pants, made me remove my shoes etc. It was the most thorough search I have ever had and totally uncalled for in a random stop. They acted as if I was a real threat to them. It lasted about 45 minutes. They ripped the inside of the truck apart, dumped my purse and wallet, dumped my groceries all out in the truck bed. Obviously they do not
help you put it back together so I just drove home with crap rolling all over
the place. Somebody from the little store who saw the whole thing came over to see if I was okay to drive after the cops left. He said that he had watched them do the same thing to 4 other people today and he was scared himself just being in close proximity.I have been angry and afraid since but mostly just grateful that it is over and nothing worse happened.
Things are unfortunately getting worse here. I have hesitated to say much of it to you for fear of stressing you out, but it is not so good. And, they just announced last week that we are getting an additional 1,000 “officials” (officers and soldiers) here in Baja Norte. Supposedly it is to subdue the cartels, but honestly there just is not THAT much cartel action going on and therefore the soldiers and cops are bored and frustrated and feel the need to make things happen.
This is my second time being stopped in three weeks and Frank was stopped twice in ONE DAY last week. It was the sldiers who stopped me the other time and it wasn’t as invasive but still scary. Soldiers invaded Rancho Tamayo about 6 weeks ago for the SECOND time (our neighbors down on the dirt road where the dairy cows are)- busted in in the middle of the night and literally gave old Senora Tamayo a heart attack. She had to be rushed to the hospital. And that is it. they just bust in, wreck everything and leave and if they find nothing illegal, as in this case both times-oh well too bad for the resident. The news tells everyone this is the price we must pay for security. Just a real live reminder that alice ain’t in Wonderland any longer…..
But, praise the Lord all is well. Thank you for the great offering. It sure felt good to recieve it as things were on the desperate side, but as usual, Yahweh is ON TIME.

Much Love,

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