Baja Report March

Hope yu had a restful SUNDAY, as much as possible that is. We have been working with the docs from Idaho for the last few days and I am very very worn out but also pleased with the progress of this visit.
This is the first time I have ever really had any first hand contact with them , usually I just email them and I had only met them once several years ago. I am pleasantly surprised that they are really very sweet people. Especially Doc Olson. I think you would get on well with him. A very intelligent yet really humble fellow with a sweet spirit, certainly unlike any dr. I’ve ever known.
I think you will be happy to hear that the Clinic, to be run ut of our building is now operational! I had no idea they would acrtually get it going at this date. We open on April 17 and will be having a doctor in for one 8 hr day every month at first. They have already hired the doctor here, she is a believer who says she was praying for an opportunity to use her skills to help the poor. They also hired a nurse to work with her. They flew in on private planes and brought with them exam tables, lights, meds, surgical and emergency supplies, all kinds of stuff to stock the clinic. Yesterday Frank and one of the other docs, Ted built a portable exam room while I went with the others to town and they purchased enough medications to stock our new clinic dispensary. I will need to get them inventoried and stored this week………….
Yesterday, they saw two patients and word of the clinic is out already bringing a stream of folks to set appointments for that first day.
The Lord is moving mightily upon the hearts of the people. Church was FULL again today. Today, though the Presence was very strong and the people literally danced with us in the aisles in worship, it was a rare occasion! Most importantly though, the altar area was fllooded with people for prayer! I would guess about 35 came forward for ministry! They are beginning to try the Lord in a good way, We prayed for healings, salvation and I even had Words of prophecy for them today and they did recieve, praise Jesus.Frank was quite broken in the presence of his maintained healing and his words were very much annointed. He was saying things that he doesn’t know and i was flored as I KNEW it was Yahweh flowing directly thru him, he preached this very evangelistic Resurrection Life message straight from the throne and I was blown away. It was almost weird.
I had a Word for yu this morning, got it at about 8:30 my time, to late to call you, but the Lord said for your to search back to prophecies almost forgotton almost given up on and to prepare to recieve that which you thought wuld never come. I am about to pour out a blessing that has become a memory for you JUST BECAUSE I SAID I WOULD AND MY WORD IT IS TRUE> AND BECAUSE THIS IS A TIME OF HARVEST OF SEEDS THOUGHT DEAD TO SHOW MY RESURRECTIN GLORY , BUT MOST OF ALL BECAUSE I LOVE YOU SO SAYS THE LORD.
I am real tired so I’ll go.
Much Love and abundant blessings–

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