Word for 2009

Sunday January 4,2009

Given by: Richard Chambliss

I want you to have a shout of victory in your mouth. It does not matter what it looks liken your life right now. The circumstances are temporary. They are absolutely temporary. But, know that I am Eternal says the Lord. And my eternity is working in your hearts says the Lord. I want you to have a shout of victory in your mouths. As you approach this year I want you to approach it with a shout of victory in your mouth says the Lord, a shout of victory.

Even in your mind and in your body there which is contrary to what I have declared says the Lord, but believe me. Witness what I have said this day and meet every challenge this year with a shout of victory. For there shall certainly come the appearance of that which shall appear to you says the Lord that which shall appear to be defeat and to be a lessening in your life, but look beyond it says the Lord. Stand upon your toes look over the fence, look over the barrier, know this, The victory is on the other side waiting for you the wall that appears is only a thin veil that the enemy has put in front of you, over your eyes to keep your heart darkened. But know this day my light and my life come into you to lighten your heart, liven your heart and cause my very, very nature to come forth to you this year. This will be a year of increase in your lives. This will be a year of increase in your lives says the Lord spirit, soul and body, spirit, soul and body. Listen not to the gain slayers. Listen not to the doomers and gloomers, Listen to My voice, says the Lord. I have my hand upon, I have my hand upon you, I not only have My hand upon you, but beneath you to under grid and lift you up, says the Lord. This will be a year when you gain true identity in me. Know longer will you flounder here and flounder there but you will know who you are in Me, says the Lord and who I am in you. If you will believe that and mix faith in that, you will know things that I a have for you are not for your destruction but for your blessing and for your benefit, say the Lord.

Encourage yourself, says the Lord, Encourage yourself in me, says the Lord. Encourage yourself in the Holy Ghost. Let the darkness be behind you and the Light of day be before you, says the Lord.

Thank you Father. We bless you now Father.


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