Baja Mission Report :Prision

Dear Ones,
Im just trying to wind down after a long long day. Monday is usually my Sabbath day but we just got in. I’m high as can be on the Goodness of God.
So we got a call after Meeting yesterday evening from the pastor who is in charge of coordinating Ensenadas Prison Ministry. 
He told Frank that they didnt have ministers to go in today and hadnt had ANY for over a week. People have been steadily cancelling as Covid starts getting more attention down here. He told us we could pick our choice of time slots to minister today… we prayed and felt like we should definitely go.
We went through the big black gates at 9am. The parking lot, which lies beyond these 14 foot iron gates is usually jam packed with cars and for the first time ever yesterday, it was empty- just a dusty field. The only vehicles there were basically two double trailered semi trucks, which we immediately found out are holding bodies of the covid victims.And there have been hundreds. At least. The prison has been locked down for about 3 weeks, apparently. No visits whatsoever, which makes it extra hellish for those there…You know that with no visits, most prisoners only eat what the prison provides which is a soup made once daily of donated and usually rotten vegetables. No visits means no blankets for many and just generally much worse conditions for those who depend on their family for the basics.They have taken a book from US prisons and built blocks of really  severe cells, since we were last there, making the place even worse because they crowd 14 men into a two man cell in some blocks!For some reason, they had just recieved a transfer of 200 men from a prison down South as well, so the whole atmosphere was unstable.That is the only way I can describe it. Unsettling. The prisoners seemed very confused and very near panicked, with watching people dying all around them , from what Marcos Ornelos(remember Marcos? He was with us in Cantu) told us, it has been going on for over a month.The smell in there was horrific. I mean, there are men (and women, albeit less) sick & dying in every area. In some cases the bodies aren’t being removed for a day or more after death. Guards are slim to none, and the place is barely being held together. There was a moment when, after Marcos “briefed” us , where I got scared. And Frank almost didnt let me go all the way in. We actually went BACK to the car and we prayed and Ive got to tell you the anointed fell on us in that parking lot in such a way that wild horses couldnt of kept me out!
We turned around and went back in, no search or anything- not enough guards to spare I guess. 
Frank, Marcos and a coupke of other guys we know escorted me to the womens area and left me off. Their communal area had 17 women lying in varying stages of illness on palkets on the cement floor. Two Pentecostal lady prisoners that have been doing time since I first went in 17 years ago are caring for the sick. Just about all of the women are wearing some form of makeshift face mask which WAS against the rules (cant normally have prisoners covering their faces for obvious reasons but as the ration of guards to prisoners has diminished , rules are changing.) The feeling there also was confusion and lots of fear. Fear of getting sick and fear of what’ll happen if the system breaks down entirely and men start to be able to access their luving space.I went through the dorm and the cell areas and rounded up as many of them as I could, setting up my “pulpit” , a wood washstand a couple feet high, out in the open area by the communal kitchen.I just told them to come, cause I had Good News.I dont know really what I said on that stand. I know as soon as I looked out at my crowd of about 60 women that I started to weep. I dont know even how they understood me. I remember at one point just stepping aside…….it was wild, it was my voice, coming out of my mouth, but it was like watching a video of myself talking. And as Im watching I also start seeing these angels in blue tunics moving in and out among the women, and as they move through , I  can see that like a little wind follows behind them, buffeting up people hair and clothes! I could see the angels affect the environment, as they are moving through. There wasnt anyone unaffected by what was happening either. Even the hardest, most evil women, were at least subdued….not putting on a front and definitely not trying to disrupt. And in prison there is ALWAYS at least a disrupting personality or two. Angels went in and out the door to the area where the sick were laying and ministered to them. One lady that had been moaning in pain since I arrived, was quiet and actually smiling in her sleep it looked like as this large angel in blue laid a white cloth over her chest.. this went on for over an hour and a half because it was still happening when Frank and the guys came to get me out…..As we made the l9ng walk through the main yard heading out, men ran at us and shoved letters into out hands……we had over 200 hundred  letters to mail once we got back to the truck…..Frank said his experience on the mens side was equally supernatural. The men pleaded with us to come back.This was easily the most amazing thing I have experienced in my life thus far. Im kind of at a loss to explain much else. Its an experience that defies my ability to really communicate- but I know it signals a beginning of a Harvest like we havent seen so far.Maybe itll be easier tomorrow as now I AM worn out!
Let us remember them (the prisoners as if we ourselves were suffering in incarceration……
Blessings to you both. Love you-sd

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